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The Simple Mistake New Writers Make, How to Avoid It and Sell More Books

You sit on a park bench, get a flash of inspiration, and start scribbling. You got the most brilliant of all unique story ideas, ever. This book, your story, is so unique you’ve literally never seen or read anything like it.




Creative Hub. Books. Naive Geek. Social Media For Introverts. New & Budding Writer Motivation. We Tell Stories. Anything Else Think is Worthy. We believe in Empowerment, Diversity, Accessibility, Ideas, Possibilities. Speak up, Shout louder. DM to Guest Post.

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Christie Adams - Writer

Christie Adams - Writer

Books and Midlife Adventures. In My Year of Creativity and Focus. Motivator. Tea, Books, Bees and Trees. BA Hons Lit. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Christieadams

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