Books That Made Me Who I Am

What books made you who you are?

Einmal Atlantik ohne Autopilot, bitte.

Nach drei Stunden Schlaf übernehme ich die Pinne um 3 Uhr morgens Greenwich Mean Time. Wir haben wenige Tage Atlantikerfahrung mit Grayhound, unserem…

The Value of Written Star Trek

Why Hollywood Should Leave Star Trek Series for the Novels

For the better part of my life I have been a Star Trek fan. Ever…

Leitura aos 89 e alguns achados

… no final você sempre se surpreende! 

Um dia especial. Assim descrevo minha experiência do dia de hoje. Entre passeios e comilan…


Between the high, wood-veneered bookcases and the grey, tight-knit carpeting, the library in my high school had a look that was stuck in the eighties. In attempt to keep it relevant, they…

Create a Shared Vision, Sweat the Details and Avoid Abrupt Endings

The readings that inspired my simplified method for Project Management

Making big decisions

its not about choosing the defaults

Each of us typically make one or two big decisions about our lives every so often. For example, which career…

Hey You, Quit Lying to Yourself.

I don’t read self help books. I loathe them. I believe that you have to actually talk to people, experience life and make mistakes to get better. Reading…

5 Inspiring New Books to Spark Your Creativity This Summer

A host of new books have already come out this year to inspire you on your next project. But with summer rolling around, it’s time to highlight some new releases to serve as your educational and motivational companions in warmer weather. Here are 5 must-reads to make the most of your summertime serenity.

Growing up with Gatsby

Everything we read gets filtered through who we are at the time.

I first read The Great Gatsby for my 10th grade English class. Just a few months…

When I Eat Books

I was at grandma’s house when I first learned to read quietly. In my mind. I was on the blue loveseat in my aunt’s room and I jumped up and ran to ask grandma how people read…

Il nome della rosa

A book is a wonderful thing, is a direct voice from the author to the lector.Carl Sagan said about the books: "Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding…

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

This book was a big surprise.

It must have been the sixth or seventh recommendation before I added it to my reading list. What lessons could a designer learn from advertising? Who does that anymore, right? (sarcasm)

Months later, while trimming down my reading list to something more manageable, I noticed…

The Perfect Order of Words

I started my library ten years ago when I moved into an apartment with a great fireplace mantle that seemed, in my grad student aesthetic, to be perfect for a long row of books. I was quite attuned to the need to avoid pretension by just buying books I knew nothing about to fill the space, so I deliberately set about reading the best fiction I could find through…

Spivak’s Calculus

I have a hard time explaining to someone how a calculus book changed my life. That’s because few people have ever really read a calculus book end to end.

O Pequeno Príncipe (The Little Prince)

O livro de Antoine de Saint-Exupéry é uma obra fantástica. Saint-Exupéry foi um desenhista, que em 31 de julho de 1944 partiu a bordo de um navio…

Redesigning 1984

I first read George Orwell’s 1984 in 2007. Ironically, I read 1984 in Beijing to kill time because Gmail was censored and I couldn’t get any work done.

My First Time: Steven Erikson

What an evocative title this collection has – Book’s That Made Me Who I Am – and one that surely will see numerous posts from individuals recounting ways in…

Ignorance: How It Drives Science

A design and startup book in disguise

Ignorance, by Stuart Firestein, is a great book about learning over long periods of time. Science isn’t a race for the next breakthrough, like I used to believe. It’s a drive to discover for the sake of finding something more interesting to learn on the other side of that discovery. Accepting…

Ram Dass & The Big Ice Cream Cone in the Sky

If you see a copy of Ram Dass’s book Be Here Now in a bookshop, pick it up; or download. No, buy the paperback, for it’s a work of art and a…

Books That Made Me Who I Am
Books That Made Me Who I Am

What books made you who you are?

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