Where I read this book several years ago, it still resonates clearly — amid new instability between now Russia and the US, cancelling Open Skies Treaty, investing in orbital missile systems or supersonic delivery mechanisms of nuclear weapons. …

A titan shares his quirks in a short book — as if a reprieve from the work on his monumental 5th volume on LBJ

I’ve opened Robert Caro’s Power Broker standing in the basement floor of a Barnes and Noble store in NYC not far from Central Station — and took note of the book being recommended by a number of political dignitatirs — Barack Obama including.

Reeling and reminiscing on the order of…

A story well told often needs an object to feel, touch and relate to: mission accomplished for a former head of the British Museum who told and then wrote a 2010 account of this illustrative history of the world

I’ve went back to the 2010 BBC4 podcast series and then to the book of Neil MacGregor after I savoured his great collection of stories about religion and societies as they come together in Living with the Gods.

A History of the World in 100 Objects is a companion to…

A beautiful book pondering questions about how religious beliefs shaped societies and how societies formed religion — told through artifacts

Neil MacGregor is a great storyteller: packaging educational content infused in art, shape and form — borrowing from his successful career as head of National Gallery and The British Museum — as if, taking from the dusty corners and archived places artifacts that provoke our thinking.

This time, a yet…


Summaries of Books read while airborne and when grounded

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