What should be in your bag if you are trekking for the first time?

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3 min readOct 4, 2019

Are you scared of packing your luggage at the last moment? Are you even scared of forgetting your power bank to pack important things? Are you scared to be the one dragging his heavy bags in between the beauty of these mountains?

This is not to tease your potential but to give you some smart advice on how to pack for a trek.

Five essential things you must-have for your trek.

Travel Light with proper backpack or Day pack

Instead of going for cheap backpack options, go for backpacks which safeguard your gears, camera and other essentials from rain and snow. Cheap backpacks could result in burdening and bruising during the trek. A good backpack always keeps your things well organized and light. Use backpacks with wide strips to balance load equally on both shoulders.

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Comfortable clothing and Shoes

If you have more pockets and quick-dry capabilities in your trousers then, you are ready to go for any trekking. Different type of clothes is needed for a different type of trekking. Like for snow trek, built-in gaiters are important to protect you from the snow. Other than clothes, light, comfortable and waterproof shoes or hiking boots is most essential. If you are too much on hiking, buying a cap will help you in a long way.

Food and Water bottles

During trekking, you tend to lose energy much faster than you anticipate. Best way to deal with this loss is to carry energy bars with you that contain protein, glucose and fruit and nuts. Carrying water bottle seems like a burden initially but it is the most important thing to keep you hydrated.

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Trek Route Map

Even if we are living in this digital era, we can’t rely on mobile for GPS and routes. The chances of losing mobile network and draining batteries are more than getting lost in the trek. For safety purpose, carrying a map is not going to weigh much during trekking.

Miscellaneous Items

Now, there are some mandatory and non- mandatory items which can be different from person to person.

  1. Sunscreen lotion- to protect your skin from direct contact from the sun.
  2. Power bank — to charge your mobile in case of emergency.
  3. Hiking pole –helpful for trekking in snow.
  4. Smartphone- to help you find places and navigation
  5. Sunglasses — to protect you from heat, irritation or burns.
  6. Hand sanitizer — for health and hygiene.

Check this list before getting done with packing. Remember to keep your kit light and easy to carry.

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