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About Us

If you love fiction both reading and writing then this is the place for you. Here we can talk about books, reading and share our own work.


We accept the following:

  • Short stories
  • Poems
  • Flash Fiction
  • Articles about reading.
  • Articles about a particular book or author.
  • Interviews with authors.
  • Posts introducing books you are publishing.
  • Extracts from Books.
  • Reviews of all genres of books.
  • Reviews of films that started as a book.
  • Basically everything about fiction, books and reading.

Submission Criteria

  • Posts can be any length but must be proofread.
  • Posts must include a picture. Sources must be cited on the pictures.
  • Ensure your review doesn’t contain spoilers.
  • Locked posts are as welcome as free posts.
  • For the post to be publicised on social media and edited fully, please support us on Patreon for $1 .
  • Please use 4 tags of your choice — one will be assigned by the editor.
  • Want a post scheduled for a specific day, no problem. Drop me a personal message with the specific date.

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Becoming a Writer for Bookworm Sanctuary

You can become a writer in one of three ways

  1. Email your draft link and a short bio about yourself to
  2. Comment below with a link to an example piece of work. This can be previously published.
  3. Connect through Smedian with a link to a piece of work.