Introducing Boolio

Three months ago, our team realized that it is becoming increasingly difficult for users in existing social media to honestly engage with meaningful and relevant content.

Posting opinions on lengthy blog posts or sending out concerns through dull surveys has always felt wrong. Our participation in most social media may unfortunately, be characterized as filtered. Users do not freely engage with content and their actions are affected by what others might say.

Unsatisfied, we started Boolio.

At Boolio, we started off considering that all of our thoughts and concerns start as questions. After your first date you question if you want to spend the rest of the year with that person; prior to planning your first trip across the Atlantic, you think about your interests, aspirations and ask your friends about their opinions; before you go out for coffee you ask someone else to suggest a place for you.

You love asking questions.

And you want answers, fast. You want answers from people you care about and people you trust. You do not want to feel lost in a pool of numerous lines of text. You want to know.

At the same time, you enjoy sharing your insights on a place you just grabbed a burrito from, or a book your friend just read.

You love sharing your opinion.

And you want to have fun.

Boolio is building the home to host those incredible moments. Our goal is to carefully design a user experience to facilitate rapid interactions and to motivate creativity in content creation.

We believe we are working on something special and we are thrilled to announce that Boolio is now available on the Google Play Store for alpha testing. Many updates are coming up soon, and we can’t wait for you to join our family.

Be yourself and share your opinion, without filters.

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