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“Hey Mom, I’m Going to a Riot with My AR-15, OK?”

How many parents are OK with this?

Photo by Oscar Chan from Pexels

Technically, Kyle Rittenhouse, in the strictest definition of self-defense, was acquitted of all charges. So what? What was he doing there in the first place?

Teenagers will go to great lengths including lying to themselves and others to have their way…




Move over Millenials, we Baby Boomers are writing about our life experiences! We’re not grumpy old buggers, we’re extremely wise thirty-something-year-olds rebounding online. Boomerangs share life lessons about recovering our power, money, relationships, health, and self-worth.

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Gary Janosz

Gary Janosz

Finding the humor in a world of frustration. Always learning, usually the hard way.

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