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Not the Mother Who Raised Me

An adult child becomes the parent

This is not the mother who raised me.

That woman was a quick-to-anger natural redhead with mood swings that would have made the Flying Wallendas a bit dizzy.

Still, she was bright, well-read, and conscientious to a fault: the house I grew up in was spotlessly clean, highly efficient, and full of books…



Move over Millenials, we Baby Boomers are writing about our life experiences! We’re not grumpy old buggers, we’re extremely wise thirty-something-year-olds rebounding online. Boomerangs share life lessons about recovering our power, money, relationships, health, and self-worth.

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Judah Leblang

I'm a Boston writer/storyteller. I've written the memoir "Echoes of Jerry,” and numerous commentaries for NPR stations around the US. More at