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Rise of the Solopreneur

How and why Baby Boomers should consider this pivotal shift

A white bench covered in blue cushions on a deck facing a view of the blue ocean waters

My biggest source of stress — my ego-driven shit-ass boss — is now a distant memory. Gone are the days that some lame idiot, put in charge because of office politics, dictates my financial future.

This thought prevails as I breathe in the exceptional view of the Bay of Fundy from the deck, with a…



Move over Millenials, we Baby Boomers are writing about our life experiences! We’re not grumpy old buggers, we’re extremely wise thirty-something-year-olds rebounding online. Boomerangs share life lessons about recovering our power, money, relationships, health, and self-worth.

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Liz Porter

Top Writer - Author - Founder of Boomerangs & the Advantage Medium Publications. Retired Boomer Writing with Truth & Humour to empower, educate and entertain!