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The Rise of a Blockchain Gaming Head of Design

The Fascinating Life Story of BoomLand’s Piotr Murawski

Piotr’s Murawski’s life is an intriguing tale of how a young boy obsessed with gaming went on to become Head of Design for our pioneering blockchain gaming platform ‘BoomLand’. Dig in to find out more!

Living the Dream

Piotr Murawski was born in Poland and is only 27 years old. For a man not even 30 yet, he certainly has a wealth of experience in the gaming sector. He is imbued with a spirit of innovation and passion for gaming that has led to many opportunities in his life. Currently, he works as a specialist in Economy, Analysis and Design and plays a pivotal role in the new BoomLand Web 3.0 Gaming platform.

Gaming Roots

Piotr describes himself as ‘a true gamer from the youngest age’ and his passion for gaming began with his first game console, Pegasus. After that he progressed onto the PlayStation One and was a huge fan of GTA and Crash Bandicoot.

School Days: Emerging Tech & Hardcore Streamer

While at school he was constantly interested in the field of new emerging technologies and games. Being at the cutting edge of gaming technology is a theme that has pervaded his life till now. Plus, he was also an avid YouTuber and streamer on Twitch recording ‘Let’s plays’, where he would regularly feature playthroughs and commentaries on his favorite games.

The Teenage Gaming Journalist!

One of the most remarkable facts from Piotr’s teen years is that at a mere 14 years old he traveled as a gaming ‘journalist’ to a closed industry event organized by Microsoft in Poland. Even though the organizers were astonished at how young he was, he was allowed to participate in all the events. They even invited him back again in the years to come! This was a milestone in his gaming adventure, indicative of the success that was to later come.

First Gaming Projects At School and Uni

Not surprisingly, due to his entrepreneurial spirit, he created his first projects while still attending high school. Also, due to the networking potential of streaming, he met lots of people, some of whom became friends. With his expanded social circle, he managed to plan future games with the group.

His gaming breakthrough came while studying at the University of Science and Technology in Wrocław, Poland and designing new games. Amazingly, this led to a job in his first gaming company as a game designer. His passion for gaming and his spirit of innovation yet again unlocked an incredible opportunity for him.

Game Economy Design Specialist

During the years working as a designer, specializing in game economy, Piotr also pursued a keen interest in learning market economics, macroeconomics and geopolitics. This acquisition of knowledge was fundamental in his success in developing games and it was equally valuable to help him achieve positive results in investing in the market.

Around the same time, he was a guest on a YouTube Investment Program where he had the opportunity to explain his strategies for game design and economy. Again demonstrating great innovation, he presented the tools which he created himself to help monitor his investments.

Embracing the World of Crypto

Keeping up to date with the cutting edge of technology and investment eventually led him onto the crypto trail. It was his constant appetite for learning that helped him familiarize himself with the world of crypto.

The predominant aspect of the crypto market which really gripped him was the freedom and anonymity for the investor. This sparked an interest in crypto and blockchain; he realized the immense potential of crypto and how it was to play an important role in the future of monetary development across the world.

BoomBit Days Begin!

The culmination of working on numerous gaming projects worldwide with various partners eventually led him to join BoomBit and later the BoomLand blockchain gaming platform.

At BoomBit, his foresight and passion for innovation in game design and economy became a major asset. He soon developed his skills by creating a new analysis department which implemented new processes and raised the quality of games. His daily tasks included helping games which needed assistance with the economy, the balance of difficulties and planning changes to improve the overall user experience.

Crypto Gaming Design

Currently, Piotr works as Head of Design at BoomLand. His role involves designing tokenomics, game features and platform systems which allows investors and players to earn money in the blockchain.

Working at the leading edge of technology, i.e. blockchain gaming, requires extensive knowledge in the field of macroeconomics, economy and game design. It is his thirst for knowledge and passion for innovation which is the driving force behind his rapid rise in the gaming industry. Furthermore, his absolute commitment to understanding the crypto gaming industry allows him to transfer that knowledge into designing high quality blockchain games.

Kitesurfing and Serious Winter Gaming

On his days off, he loves nothing better than kitesurfing. But on ‘cold and windless days’, Piotr is ‘a hardcore player’ pursing his love of videogames throughout the Winter months.

Bringing the Boom to Blockchain Gaming!

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