Boomstarter advisor to ICObench: crypto-market is transforming

Vlas Lezin, former Goldman Sachs Vice President and now advisor to Boomstarter.Network, shares his outlook for the crypto market with ICObench.

Current crypto market is going through the phase of “qualitative transformation”. Plethora of projects, ideas and ICOs are being replaced by fewer yet better projects.
A lot of existing businesses are onboarding blockchain-as-a-service, creating a demand for professionals in this field. In my opinion, this will lead to M&A activity of the successful ICO-startups and the decrease of the independent projects.
Other thread seems to be a willingness to work with regulators and authorities to allow a wider adoption of the cryptoprjects.

Vlas Lezin, Boomstarter.Network advisor.

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This comment first appeared in a report by ICObench here (PDF):,%202018).pdf