Boomstarter Coin implemented on the blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform

Boomstarter.Network allows startups to launch their crowdfunding from all over the globe.

Boomstarter.Network implements its token, Boomstarter Coin (BC), on its blockchain-based service that provides crowdfunding for startups from across the globe.

Now BC tokens can be used as a means of payment and startups can now pay for the launch of their crowdfunding campaigns with BC tokens.

After a new project is created and moderated on Boomstarter.Network, the author of the project can pay for its launch with tokens. To do this, a transaction is made to the address of a special smart contract, which “places” a new project on the platform.

With the updated design on Boomstarter.Network, the authors of the projects can now create full-featured rewards: in fact, these are pre-orders for their future product. Functionality allowing to buy pre-orders using Boomstarter Coin will be added during this quarter.

Now rewards can be bought from startups, conveniently and safely, using the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

We welcome startups from across the globe to launch on Boomstarter.Network and continue to work on developing platform features.

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