Look and feel of Boomstarter.Network’s blockchain crowdfunding

Boomstarter.Network is about to launch its blockchain-based service to make crowdfunding more accessible. Here are some screenshots of what the platform will look like and an overview of its essential features.

Startups, project authors, can start building their campaigns right from the home page. Wherever they are in the world, they can take advantage of the benefits that blockchain technology offers. No international restrictions. Wait time to withdraw funds is cut from weeks with banks in classical crowdfunding to minutes with blockchain.

The start page provides an overview of benefits and allows to begin a crowdfunding campaign.

Boomstarter.Network also integrates cloud mining technology. Backers can generate cryptocurrencies in favor of their chosen startup using even their home computers and keeping part of the crypto they produced. Crowd mining is a tool for startups to build motivated communities and increase the amount of collected funds.

Startup catalogue

Plenty of opportunities and niches to make potential backers interested.

A themed catalogue of active crowdfunding campaigns.

Startup profile

Detailed description of the project: authors, funding goals and progress.

Backers can start mining for a startup in a push of the button right in its profile. This will bring up our mining app or open the app download page.

Startup profile: author details, funding goal and progress. Button allows backer to start mining.

Our crowd mining app is available for download in backer dashboard.

Backer dashboard

The profile includes the amount of cryptocurrency that the user has received as reward for their mining activity for a startup.

Our crowd mining app can be downloaded from the backer dashboard. It may be installed and can run even on home computers to mine popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. The backers’ computing power is combined in a joined mining pool which is more effective.

Backer dashboard with link to the mining app.

The user can control the mining process and can turn it off at any point.

Live platform coming soon!

These are just some screens of the platform with an overview of crucial functionality. You will be able to use it in full soon.

Register now at https://boomstarter.network to get early access when the platform is live.