Meet the Team: Shelby Tee

Head of Operations at InterVentures Asia, Shelby spearheads a team of Business Analysts, providing management consulting and fundraising services both for bootstrapped startups and publicly listed companies. Shelby brings her expertise in business strategy, as well as in-depth knowledge of Tokensales and Tokensales marketing.

- Please tell us a bit about your background in the crypto and blockchain space.

Hi guys, Shelby over here from Singapore. I am the head of the operation in InterVenture. InterVentures is a business consulting, and we fix businesses making it attractive. Over last year, we have witnessed a shift of companies embracing blockchain to solve real problems that another technology is not able to. Regardless of which technology you are adopting, technology is an enabler. The business model needs to be fundamentally strong and well structured.

- What do you think about the prospects for ICOs in general? In your opinion, what are the advantages of this type of funding?

ICO is progressing very quickly. In the crypto community, what happened six months ago can be considered as history. We have both the regulators looking at how to regulate ICO, and we have substantial family offices and VC diversifying their portfolio. There are still many collaborations and progression to be made by all various stakeholders. ICOs has made it easy for an individual to back a project they believe. The company can build a community around the business. And it does not restrict to geographical. The stage has become much more prominent, and the audience can be coming from any part of the world. It has injected the element of diversity in the business.

- What inspires you about crowdfunding?

Valued-based crowdfunding gives inspiring entrepreneurs a venue to pitch and kick-start their small project. On the other end, it provides the backers much more innovative offerings and experience which they can’t find in the traditional brick and mortar e-commerce.

- What inspires you about

Boomstarter Network has evolved the crowdfunding and bring it to another level. It has expanded the stage multi times for the entrepreneurs. In addition to that, the team has introduced a new way for backers to support projects. It has entirely evolved the crowdfunding industry and empowering both the entrepreneurs and backers.

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