Meet the Team: Sivalee Anantachart

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Please tell us a bit about your background in the crypto and blockchain space.

We’ve hosted Geeks on the Plane when they were in Bkk, and I met some Bitcoin Enthusiasts back then and got tweeted some Bitcoin, so that was my intro to Crypto a few years back. I’ve always been interested in tech and innovation and crypto and blockchain seems to capture my attention from the early days. One of the many things I do is that I advise companies on Business development and localization, and one of the business that I was advising was planning to do an ICO last year and that’s how I got involved more and more into Crypto and Blockchain. I got interested in the use case scenario as well as the whole fundraising part and the community that’s involved.

How did you met Mariya and the rest of the team?

I was actually visiting Moscow at the time. It was a holiday but I got a message from Paddy. I think Paddy tagged Mariya or I got a message from Paddy about meeting Mariya and Boomstarter and Storiqa since they have just raised 25million through their ICO at the time.

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Boomstarter team with advisors Sivalee and Paddy.

What do you think about the prospects for ICOs in general? In your opinion, what are the advantages of this type of funding?

It’s a great alternative for raising funds but with so many scams and the way the ICO is managed, it’s in a bit of a tricky situation right now. And with the new rules and regulations, businesses and startups will need to be on top of things and to have a team that understand the mechanics both from the security perspective to law and compliance to community building as well as how to manage the fund once received. There’re a lot of parties involved in the ICO process and these must be managed in a professional manner. Having a half done white paper just doesn’t do it anymore. Investors are now looking for a solid projects to invest in and with so many scams and the fluctuation of the crypto, it’s getting harder and harder to do a successful ICO.

What inspires you about crowdfunding?

The Community part of it! As a community builder, I love seeing people coming together to support a business or to support a cause. It’s reaching out to way more people and you will also have their support. Trying to raise fund can be difficult and crowdfunding makes it easier for people to create projects and facilitate funding. And you can also learn and be inspired by other people and their projects and that’s the beauty of it.

What inspires you about

The fact that it’s the first crowdfunding platform in Eastern Europe is very impressive and now that Boomstarter is launching the first global blockchain-based crowdfunding platform with crowd-mining technology, the possibilities are endless and I’m thrilled to be a part of this fascinating journey.

Boomstarter Network

World's first cryptofunding platform

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