Platform development update: interfaces

Hey, everyone, here is what’s new at Boomstarter.Network this week.

As you may see, we are upgrading the overall design, coming up with a new Recently Launched section to easily keep track of the newcomer startups.

Gradually making sure all bits of the interface, as well as fonts and styles align well together. Also working to bring more control to project authors of what their project page looks like, with more formatting options for main content and rewards section coming soon.

The mobile version has received polishing this week as well to show up nicely on a range of portable devices.

On the backend side, our developers have brushed up the code to bring up more details on project pages and make logging in with social media accounts smoother.

And just in case you may forget your password and want to reset it — that is now possible, too.

More features for project authors are in the making, and the platform will soon be available in other languages. Please stay tuned and keep in touch on our Telegram.