Top-3 Popular Boomstarter Projects

These projects below were launched at the original Boomstarter platform. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we’d like to go even further. Make sure you know about Boomstarter 2.0 on crypro and have a look at what we’ve done!

1. Bivan (an inflatable sofa)

May 2016

998 sponsors

3 890 000 RUB ($62 000)

Furniture out of thin air. Sounds intriguing? Then you may like Bivan — an inflatable sofa for travelers, those who love spending time outdoors or sunbathe. The point is you don’t have to take a pump with you or to try hard to blow the sofa yourself. 15 seconds, a couple of swishes — your resting place is ready.

The team didn’t stop where they were and improved bivan into 2 new versions, including a giant sofa. Not a couch, actually, but a real inflatable bed. The bed can manage 410 kg — 5 grown men! No more words, just look how cool and stylish it is.

2. Creamy honey with berries (a series of 4 projects)

January 2014 — December 2016

2240 sponsors

4 485 800 RUB ($71 500)

Cocco bello company first started by producing bow ties and girls’ shirts. Its founder Guzel Sanzhapova comes from a small village in the Ural, which was gradually dying until she decided to give it a new birth.

Boomstarter embraced her 4 projects aimed at raising money to renew apiary equipment to produce honey. At first, the goal was humble — only $2400. Then they launched another 3 project to build a workshop and a caramel factory. The village came to life, pensioners can earn a living and children have some hopes for the future. Guzel plans to go even further and improve the area around the village.

Remarkable by their quantity are different publications about Guzel and her campaign. It’s exampled as a role model in crowdfunding books and entrepreneurs’ magazines. It’s been a long yet successful way for her and her family, which makes this campaign one of the exemplary ones for those wanting to start their own.

3. Panfilov’s 28 men

July 2013

3943 sponsors on Boomstarter, 35086 overall

3 190 994 RUB ($51 000) on Boomstarter, 34 746 000 RUB ($553 850) overall

Meet Russia’s most significant crowdfunding project ever. Due to its patriotic topic, Panfilov’s 28 men film has attracted thousands of backers without Russia government funding. In the basis of the film lies a history of 28 soviet soldiers commanded by General Panfilov. On the 16 of November, they stopped a Nazis tank battalion not far from Moscow.

There were only 2 options to donate — either 50 RUB (less than a dollar) or 100 000. No T-shirts, no bracelets, just the mention of contributors in the film’s end titles. All the money was meant to help the film production; no penny could be wasted.

After the end of the campaign at Boomstarter, the team went further. They continued to raise money by themselves, supported War Thunder computer game, and the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan. On the 16 of November 2016, 75 years after the deed, the premiere took place.

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