10 Signs You’re an Inbound Marketer

  1. If you’ve ever said “target audience” casually

I once told my boyfriend to stop nagging our friends to join the Quidditch club because they weren’t his target audience. His response was this:

He’s an engineer, so “target audience” isn’t exactly in his vocab.

2. You think of better marketing tactics for companies

There’s a brand ambassador on most corners of Philadelphia. My annoyance with them is not with the ambassadors themselves, but the marketing tactics their companies teach them.

3. You See Clickbait as a Necessary Evil(and know when to avoid it)

Clickbait has psychological effects- that’s why it works. But if you’re someone that creates clickbait, you know the key words in headlines and how to evaluate the validity of them.

4. You have a toolbox of marketing tactics

I have a bookmark full of articles on marketing tactics and courses about inbound marketing.

5. You Encourage Social Media Usage

Although it can be a necessary evil, social media is the easier way to reach your audience, no matter what your product is.

6. You Are Genuinely Interested in Youtuber Brands

Although Youtubers don’t fit into traditional marketing boxes, they still have brands. And they know this. Many well-known Youtubers have a professional channel and a personal channel to keep the two brands separate.

7. You Appreciate Inbound Marketing in Other Companies

Starbucks connects with its customers through Instagram and out-of-the-box frappuccinos. Swatch made designs based on vegetables and sold them at farmer’s markets. Buzzfeed uses clickbait for everything; from articles about the White House to quizzes about what type of cat you are. Innocent is a fruit drink that has a weird compliment generator you can share with your friends. Spotting (great)inbound marketing in your everyday life is like finding a quarter on the beach.

8. You Constantly Come up with Content Ideas

Anything can become a video, tweet, article, Instagram post, or snap. The content possibilities are endless- picking the right content is the problem.

9. You Pick Apart Commercials

Like #2, you consider commercials annoying not because they interrupt you, but because the marketing tactic is wrong. KFC’s recent commercial says that they’re always there, “…no matter what’s going on in the world”. No offence KFC, but I don’t consider you comfort food.

10.You Don’t Consider Facebook to be Dead

Most people say they don’t use Facebook. So why do so many companies and figures use it? With 1.2 billion users, Facebook is still a viable marketing option. It’s all about finding the right audience on Facebook.

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