How to Become a Better Marketer by Watching Music Videos

As a marketer, I follow one I simple quote.

“When you can never truly prove you know a thing, you must always be learning it.” — Seneca the Younger

The way customers react to marketing tactics is changing quicker than ever before. For this reason, I take Seneca’s words to heart and live by them in my pursuit to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and practices.

I do not set aside more than an hour a day to read about new tools and trends. Instead, I keep a marketing mindset 24/7.

Whether I’m grocery shopping or watching music videos, any marketing material that attracts me deserves an investigation. By digging deeper into ads and content that attracts me naturally I can better understand how it works.

Occasionally, I find an attraction to content simply because I’ve never seen it before.

During these times, fresh ideas that inspire truly great marketing material don’t always come from a Linkedin post by a fortune 50 company. In this recent case, I noticed current and future marketing trends thanks to the video Notice Me by PnB Rock.

A common goal

There is no way around it, music videos are more popular and get higher engagement than B2C articles on LinkedIn.

Marketers and directors share a common goal of creating content that will engage the audience. However, directors in hip-hop have the advantage of a famous artist right in the middle of every shot. Marketers must create content for a much less attractive subject matter. We may not be able to replicate the 3.6million views and 43k likes this video received, we can improve by observing what the director does.

Story telling

A music video is the director’s representation of a song through the use of visuals. In hip-hop, a music video doesn’t always follow the lyrics. Many times they’ll be filled with cool cars, expensive clothes, and lavish scenery.

If the lyrics tell a story, the director may create a mini movie, in which the song narrates the events happening on camera.

Now, does this sound like a popular marketing trend?

Story telling.

Story telling is one of the hottest phrases in content marketing right now. In fact, Joe Pulizzi and CMI have managed to raise enough funds to have Joseph Gordon-Levitt speak about story telling during CM world 17'. Whether or not you believe it works for content is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, story telling is headed toward wide spread use.

The story of the video is a hero’s rise to glory. PnB starts off as a nobody with a low social following.

The story moves into PnB becoming famous and gaining followers on social media. This connects with the audience instantly, as it is nearly every millennial’s dream to be IG famous.

It concludes with the full glow up to fame and fortune.

Emojis and social media

Throughout the video, there are live text interactions happening between the characters. The interactions are 100% digital, represented by Instagram posts, text messages, and Snapchats. With digital interaction comes a trend that has been on the rise since 2008. This trend is particularly popular with Millennials and Gen X.

The use of emojis and social media.

Since Millenials and Gen X are always on social media and using emojis, including both in the video was genius. It’s an instant connection with the audience.

Have a look at some scenes that include social media and emojis. Take notice of the self-promotion in each of the descriptions.

Instagram post.
Snapchat and heart emojis
IG use of repost app

Lesson learned

There is one key take away after analyzing what the director has chosen to do in this video.

Shift your state of mind.

If you want to grow a plant, you have to think like a plant.

Many marketers forget to put themselves in the shoes of the end consumer. Instead, they’re stuck thinking what will work from their own perspective. If you are not the exact persona as the end consumer, you must shift your mindset. Put yourself on the receiving side of the content experience.

Directors don’t seem to struggle with this nearly as much. The director of this video has no trouble connecting with and engaging the audience.

By showing platforms the audience uses in their daily lives, the director instantly connects with them. From there, other users begin to engage with each other, all in the comments of the video. This is a dream scenario for any content marketer.


Be woke.

Always keeping your eyes open to alternative methods for inspiration means you’ll never hit a mental wall. Inspiration and knowledge for marketing can come from anywhere. The next time you’re enjoying a music video, take notice of what the director has done to engage the target audience. It may be brilliant and help your next campaign.

Watch The Video

Filmed and directed by Pangean Vision