Trump’s Most Expressed Emotion

There’s been a lot of coverage of Donald Trump’s activity on Twitter. Many Americans are attracted to his raw personality and emotions elicited in his tweets. Based on coverage of his tweets, I assumed that Trump’s language would elicit anger — an emotion that solidifies an audiences’ viewpoint regardless of political stance.

The Experiment

To test this, I ran a selection (Most Popular Trump Tweets ) of tweets from Trump’s account, @realdonaldtump, through the Boost Editor receive an analysis of what his language was eliciting.

Most Popular Trump Tweets

The Results

Although my assumption was that anger would be most prominent, Trump’s highest emotional tones regarding his top tweets are joy and fear. It’s not hard finding the sources of these emotions — his joyful reactions to a winning team or himself, and his fear with his political and personal opponents. While fear has a similar effect to anger, solidification of audience viewpoints, the high Joy rating makes me wonder if that’s the reason his tweets are talked about so much.

The Lesson Learned

As a writer, tweeter, or even politician, you can connect more with your audience by tapping into their emotions. By taking the extra step and evaluating your emotions, you can choose the correct words to express your thoughts without going over the top.