5 Ways that Travel Will be Disrupted by VR

4 months ago I keynoted a JetBlue conference. They were announcing their “JetBlue Technology Ventures.” I admire they are trying things to be on the fast track for innovation. It is hard to get big companies to move in any particular direction. My presentation was about how virtual reality is going to ruin their business.

Click here to look at the presentation.

“Why go to space, let’s go to hard drives.” — Philip Rosedale, CEO of High Fidelity

After presenting, a lot of people came up to me after telling me they adamantly disagreed with my thoughts, and that VR would never impact travel, which to me sounded like: “Your presentation was super interesting, and you are definitely right about the disruption.”

It’s amazing how people say one thing and I hear another. I initially created that presentation in order evoke discussion and point at an industry that can change dramatically with VR, but over the last 4 months it has been brought to my attention that the number one use case people are excited about is tourism in VR.

  • It will lower the cost of experiencing the world.
  • There will be a level between “In person” and “Skype” meetings.
  • Distance and geography won’t be responsible for you getting to know someone
  • Definition of travel will change from the physical to the digital
  • It will lower the barrier for language immersion

At Boost VC we already funded Realities.io, that allows you to tour different places in the world, and Lingo Land, which focuses on mobile language immersion, but we are constantly trying to find more startups focused in this space! Here are some quick ideas that I think will be effective in the VR space:

  1. Book a trip in VR
  2. Conference calls in VR
  3. Language learning in VR
  4. Create your own world to travel to
  5. Immersive, social travel tours
  6. Space travel
  7. Historical travel
  8. Travel dating online

Literally, we live in a Sci-Fi book: aliens, time machines, and new worlds. How are you not excited about Virtual Reality.

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