Announcing Tribe 7 @ Boost VC

With the addition of Tribe 7, our portfolio stands at 138 companies w/ 55 blockchain and 34 virtual reality, making Boost VC the most active investor in both of those sectors. We are very excited for 2016, the year of blockchain and VR.

Tribes 1–6 have gone on to do great things. Of the 118 companies comprising those Tribes, a total of over $125+ million has been raised to date.

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the companies in Boost VC’s Tribe 7.

Explore real, mesmerizing places in Virtual Reality — virtual tourism larger than life!

Boondogl is the world’s first platform agnostic digital game subscription service.

3D-SensIR captures reality to enable augmented reality. Works outdoors.

Bouncy lets you turn 360 videos into interactive and actionable narratives.

We are a game developing studio and great VR content is our business.

Develop Once. Run on every VR headset.

Create and share 3D instructions for anything.

Magic in Bits is intelligent security for the blockchain.

Mailman: Stop spam with money.

Make internet more affordable.

The virtual reality platform for fine art.

Professional 3D-360 Video Camera

Online Virtual Training for Healthcare Professionals.

Intellectual Property Protection with the Blockchain Technology.

SculptrVR is multiplayer world-building application that lets users share a virtual space and build solid, interactive worlds together.

Stampery leverages the blockchain to generate an immutable record of existence, integrity and ownership for any file, document or communication.

V, the Universal Marketplace for VR in VR.

SpaceSys is a Virtual Reality Operating System Environment, expanding your computing experience into a whole new dimension.

Step inside software with collaborative graphical programming in VR.

With our AlohaVR Programs, we bring joy and happiness to lonely seniors.

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