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We are excited to announce the companies in Boost VC’s Tribe 11! All of them have been working hard together in the Boost VC basement to build amazing things, and we are proud to have them join our family of 220+ companies making sci-fi a reality. Today is just the beginning, and we look forward to all the amazing things they’ll accomplish.


3Data is a data visualization and analytics platform designed for virtual and augmented reality. Focusing on immersive collaboration and presentations, the 3Data platform makes complex data simple and easy to understand.

3Data has already partnered with Microsoft and generated over 350 inbound requests from enterprise organizations.

APEX Officer

APEX Officer is improving the quality of policing within your community. APEX Officer’s turnkey virtual reality training platform enables officers to train for the most difficult real-world situations, including use-of-force, active shooters, de-escalation, crisis intervention, terrorist attacks, and more; meanwhile, preparing police officers for the emotional realities of real-life use-of-force situations.

Apex officer has worked with 40 police agencies, as well as signed a deal with a major branch of the US military.


Artie is a platform that can be used to create hyper-engaging, immersive characters without needing to code.

Artie is founded by Armando Kirwin, a VR industry veteran who has completed 23+ world-class VR projects.

Atomic Fund

Instead of just HODLing your crypto, make your bitcoins work for you by investing in Atomic Fund, a simple and intuitive platform that generates return in crypto.

In the past 12 months, Atomic Fund has outperformed even the astronomical growth of Bitcoin by 65%.


Because we’re all HODLing for something. A dream home, a new car, a trip around the world, maybe even your kid’s college education. Whatever future you’re saving for, Casa is here to help you get there. Casa’s novel approach to key management protects your wealth against theft, natural disasters, accidents and more.

Casa recently raised a $2 million seed round, and hired former BitGo security lead Jameson Lopp.


Deconet is building the economic layer for our shared digital infrastructure. They’ve launched a marketplace for APIs, software licenses, and product development contests that’s currently running on the Ethereum testnet. Deconet is also creating smart contracts that will act as ‘banks’ for open source projects and other unbanked, nonperson entities.

Deconet is launching with a global hackathon, that’s already generating thousands of developer signups and revenue.

Listen Notes

Listen Notes is the podcast search engine, where you can search the whole internet’s podcast episodes by people, places, or topics. With more ways of consuming audio content (e.g., smart speakers) and easy access to podcast-making tools, tons of podcasts are being produced. The volume of podcast content almost triple in the past two years. Listen Notes, the podcast search engine, is an essential tool to help listeners discover interesting podcasts & help niche podcasts get discovered.

Listen Notes has been growing ~30% MoM in 2018 and currently receives over 240,000 page views every month.


LQDEX is a decentralized trustless cross-chain digital asset exchange. It allows trading of digital tokens across multiple blockchains without counterparty risk. For example, Bitcoin can be traded for Ether.

The system does not use atomic swaps and does not require modifications to the existing blockchains. Unlike some other single chain decentralized exchanges, it does not have miner fees and is superior in performance. LQDEX trade execution speed is comparable to a centralized exchange. The user interface is seamless. It does not require a use of browser plugins or wrapping Ether.


Nextbiotics is a biotech startup building a platform to engineer viruses using CRISPR. Their technology allow us to precisely modulate the microbiome and can be used to address multiple global health challenges. In their first application, Nextbiotics is using their technology to treat and prevent antibiotic resistant infections. In addition to the pharmaceutical pathway, they are also targeting near-term billion dollar opportunities with short, low-risk approval pathways.


Openly is organizing the world’s governance information in an intuitive and accessible platform. They have started by designing a hyper local search engine to find local government services which can also be easily added to any website. Openly is currently private beta testing a product like Clerky for local businesses to deal with gov services.


PanoMoments are an interactive living photo format for the web and VR that keeps viewers engaged longer. Simply upload Standard or 360 video and turn it into a tiny slice of magic. Mere seconds of video transform into an entire experience to explore, just like the living photos in Harry Potter.


Skritswap is building an AI to replace jargon and complex sentences with everyday language. Their technology offers users information at 3 different levels of complexity. With multiple versions of the same content, people can better understand information they need in every day life, like a mortgage, will, tax code, terms of use and more.

Half of Canadian & American adults are low-literate; which means they can read, but not well enough to read a food label or fill out an online job application. Low-literacy costs corporations, the government, and non-profits hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Slide Financial

Slide’s mobile app is bringing peer to peer payments to Africa. It is fast, easy, secure and free. Slide is leading the mobile payments revolution in Africa, with a mission to become the continent’s largest mobile bank within the next 10 years.

Slide has recently surpassed $1 million in Rand transferred, and is tackling the $350 billion South African banking industry.


In an age of automated everything, human creative intelligence remains unmatched. We urgently need to harness technologies, like virtual and augmented reality, to amplify our ability to creatively and collaboratively engage with the digital world. That’s why we’re building Softspace: a beautiful, immersive workspace where you can work and play with the contents of your Dropbox, together with others. Softspace unlocks your innate powers of spatial cognition to let you have your best ideas.


Esports players and live streamers have big audiences but they are unable to monetize them. Streamloots monetizes those audiences by turning interactions intro a product. Streamloots represent them with digital (and crypto) cards so they are easy to acquire, redeem and trade by the viewers.

Live streaming video game content is a market over twice the size of Netflix, HBO, ESPN and Hulu combined, and Streamloots is growing at viral rate that matches this size.

Tribe XR

Tribe is the immersive learning platform for real-world skills. Tribe connects tutors and students for live lessons where they can learn by doing, not watching or listening, as well as bringing friends together to create. Tribe’s scalable learning framework aims to power the immersive learning market, estimated to reach $30bn by 2025.

Tribe XR’s founding team has founded startups that have collectively raised more than $100 million in funding to date, achieved four exits, and worked on 3 Oscar winning films.

Vantage Point

Vantage Point is the new frontier of HR culture training tools, starting with sexual harassment. Existing training programs don’t align with how the human brain learns, recalls, and analyzes information, leading to negative consequences including a higher tolerance for sexual harassment. Conducted in Virtual Reality, Vantage Point’s fully-immersive training program relies on state-dependent learning and dynamically curated interactive content to produce up to a 90% retention rate. Vantage Point is aiming to be the gold standard in prevention, creating a positive culture, and shifting the tone around the topic. Vantage Point has been featured in dozens of press outlets including Bloomberg, LA Magazine, CLO Media, La Stampa, and more.


Virtualities is the competitive virtual reality athletics league. They hold tournaments that are location based at the network of VR arcades around the world. Taking the successful esports model, Virtualities apply those same principles to the world of VR and AR. Virtual reality athletes compete for prizes, glory, and go up the worldwide leaderboards in the best hyper competitive virtual reality games.

Virtualities is the highest rated and most reviewed VR Arcade in the US and is profitable with over $200k in revenue to date.


Virtuleap offers a new metric standard, the Gaze-At-Ratio, which measures and values a user’s depth of engagement to 3D objects in VR and AR environments. Their versatile metric can be used to improve the user experience, assist the content narrative, and drive monetization.

Where Thoughts Go

Where Thoughts Go is a groundbreaking social experience set in a world where human thoughts exist as sleeping creatures — each holding a voice message left by another player who was there before you.

Where Thoughts Go has been nominated at the Tribeca Film Festival, and has the unique stat of making 20% of their users cry.



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