Boost VC Announces Tribe 12 Companies!

Apr 30, 2019 · 7 min read

Boost VC Announces Tribe 12 Companies!

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Boost VC is a Pre-Seed fund making Sci-Fi a Reality!

Crypto, VR/AR, OceanTech, E-Sports, Enterprise Software…Tribe 12 has been working hard together in the Boost VC basement to build amazing things, and we are proud to have them join our family of 250+ companies making sci-fi a reality. Today is just the beginning, and we look forward to all the amazing things they’ll accomplish. Here they are!


A robot fish platform to harness data in marine environments. Aquaai is a B2B model offering monitoring services performed by biomimetic-fishlike drones. We are ocean loving people with expertise in oceanography, underwater drones, robotics, animatronics, cloud, big data, software architecture, business management, PR / marketing and the Extreme.


BehaviorMe creates virtual reality staff solutions to revolutionize the hiring process of therapists in an industry with a 50% turnover rate. Our simulations will allow a clinic to save money, time, and human resources during the hiring process and help clinics make data driven decisions when hiring new staff.


Blockcluster serves as an aggregator of Enterprise blockchain protocols to simplify the life of blockchain devs. Using Blockcluster developers can quickly build, deploy and scale their Dapps on the fly.

Blue Ocean Gear

IoT tracking technology for the ocean. Every year billions of dollars’ worth of fishing gear is lost throughout the oceans, often because weather and waves move it to a new, unknown locations. Ocean businesses can improve their operations using Blue Ocean Gear’s Smart Buoy technology to track the locations of their deployed gear. With our technology, ocean companies improve their profit margins, increase operational efficiency, and we improve ocean health at the same time.


Welcome to the instant music revolution. Make beautiful, creative songs in seconds with personalized artificial intelligence — even if you’ve never made music before. Use your songs in videos/streams, earn royalties on streaming services, and explore a limitless universe of musical creativity. Boomy beta users have already created over 70,000 songs after just a few weeks.


Github for smart contracts. Despite their promise, with more than half a billion dollars lost and a 3% failure rate, Smart Contract Applications today are fragile, expensive to build and hard to maintain. Daohub is a development platform that brings Security in Smart Contacts as a first class citizen. For the first time, smart contract assets can be protected at every stage of the product lifecycle, even before product launch.


Flote is making unsinkable independent economies. Content creators are being demonetized and deplatformed at an unprecedented rate. Flote is a social hub that respects the free flow of speech and payments so users can monetize their content unimpeded.


We allow everyone to learn from the best eSports players in the world. Teenage kids want to grow up to be the next Ninja, not the next Tom Brady. In Gamestry we allow to those kids to learn from their esports idols through amazing video courses.


Guesser is the easiest way to invest in the outcome of real world events using cryptocurrency. We’re making investing in prediction markets as engaging and frictionless as investing in coins or stocks. Using Guesser, anyone can invest in the outcome of any world event…from finance to elections, weather, or sports. By placing simple bets through Guesser, you trade forecasts of different outcomes on Augur’s decentralized prediction markets.


While digital connectivity is growing so is loneliness. Meu combines the latest neuroscience research into embodied cognition with virtual reality to create a new type of message that is created and received with the whole body, allowing for a deeper connection.


MindGlow is the new standard for enterprise safety training. We are harnessing virtual reality to make employee safety training more engaging, starting with active shooter preparation and evacuation. Safety training isn’t new and current methods of teaching the topics are outdated. Our mission is to save companies time and money while building a world where employees are empowered and prepared when emergencies strike.

Nifty Gateway

Digital collectible goods (also known as “nifties”) are transforming multiple hundred billion dollar industries. Nifty Gateway makes a payment & wallet product to make digital collectibles accessible in minutes. We are used by most of the largest digital collectible companies building today and are a critical piece of the digital collectibles stack.


Onet is making a new standard for mobilizing ocean data. 70% of the world, the oceans, lack an affordable and accessible method of mobilizing information. Data transmission from maritime assets such as ships, energy infrastructures, and ports is 100X more expensive than land, and 200X slower. We are building a new standard for wireless transmission at sea, which will fundamentally change how maritime industry will use data for their everyday operations.


The official pet medical record. Pawprint is a pet management app complete with official electronic health records direct from a vet, for free.

Pawprint’s mission is to give peace of mind that a pet is protected. The company improves the ease and efficiency of vaccination record storage and verification.


Puppetoon is AR puppets in your pocket. Cuteness Technology creates interactive characters who make you smile. First we made Waba. Now we’re making Puppetoon.


Scout is the first blockchain native product analytics platform that makes it easy for blockchain companies to understand their product analytics data.

More and more Ethereum blockchain protocols are launching on mainnet now. But there is no blockchain native product analytics tool that helps companies and their communities understand how their protocol is doing. Most companies are relying on either “block explorer” or adhoc solutions to look for their product data today.


Teleporter is the Social VR World of Gamers. It brings the whole gaming community in a world full of modern and old-school gaming stuff to play all the games together, watch others playing, and hang out with like-minded folks. Teleporter’s ultimate vision is being the biggest social platform for gamers.

Tri-D Dynamics

Cold Metal Fusion printers for ultra-fast manufacturing. Cold Metal Fusion is a melt-less additive manufacturing process which allows for unprecedented speeds and applications for an abundance of metal alloys.

Through the culmination of robotics, machine learning, and material advancements, this process unlocks a new era of manufacturing applications, including embedding electronics, metalizing composites, and building with multiple metals to achieve a new level of functional performance.


TruSource connects blockchains to real world data, enabling developers to finally unlock the power of smart contracts.

Smart contracts will replace all agreements, but won’t until they have knowledge of real world events. TruSource is building the interface for developers to connect their smart contracts to those events by partnering with market leading data providers. 80% of smart contract use cases require data, and as such require TruSource.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is building domains on blockchains. We are changing the way the world sends crypto. Replace impossible to remember crypto addresses with easy to remember blockchain domain names.


Product Experience management & analytics. It’s no secret that SaaS companies are facing greater competition, lower barriers to entry, and rapidly changing industries than ever before. SaaS companies are learning that user experience is the key to growth, and more importantly, retention. Wisdom’s product experience management platform is changing the way product teams explore, find, and fix negative customer experiences online.


YUR uses spatial computing (both AR and VR) to get individuals more active, engaged, and informed. From data collected from thousands of individuals using renowned active titles such as Beat Saber, YUR has found calorie burn from using VR games can be significant. YUR’s role is to show users health data predicated on virtual reality inputs alone and sync it to popular data stores such as Apple Health.

You can see the rest of the Boost VC portfolio at

Boost VC

The Boost VC Accelerator: We Invest $500k in Sci-Fi…


Written by


Managing Director of the @BoostVC Accelerator. Host of The @BoostVC Podcast.,

Boost VC

Boost VC

The Boost VC Accelerator: We Invest $500k in Sci-Fi Founders. 250+ companies funded -


Written by


Managing Director of the @BoostVC Accelerator. Host of The @BoostVC Podcast.,

Boost VC

Boost VC

The Boost VC Accelerator: We Invest $500k in Sci-Fi Founders. 250+ companies funded -

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