Boost VC Announces Tribe 9 Companies!

Bonus: video at the end w/ flying man at demo day! Here is application for Tribe 10.

With the addition of Tribe 9, our portfolio stands at 180 companies with 50+ blockchain/crypto, 50+ VR/AR and 50+ WildCards :) who have gone on to raise more than a quarter billion dollars!

Boost VC is a family of founders making Sci-Fi a Reality. Currently, we are the #1 accelerator in virtual reality and blockchain and quickly becoming the #1 accelerator in all Sci-Fi technologies as we make investments into drones, bots, space and AI.

We are honored and fortunate to announce the companies in Boost VC’s Tribe 9!


Jump Inside the Show.

Flipside is the fastest way to make animated shows using virtual reality to make it happen. There’s nothing faster than live and all our shows are made in real-time. We use off the shelf VR hardware to allow actors to control characters to make shows. Our team has worked with some of the largest broadcasters in the world and we know how to make a creative tool that people will love. Flipside makes animated shows that work on YouTube and for frontier technology like VR and AR.


Artificial intelligence for aerial imagery.

TensorFlight is a company on a mission to help businesses understand the world via deep learning applied to aerial imagery. Founders are ex-Googlers with world records in the most prestigious computer vision benchmarks.


Blind-Chat with people Nearby.

Blind-chat with people nearby. If you enjoy chatting share your profile. If you don’t enjoy chatting; without revealing your identity discontinue and move to next. Currently we exchange 2.7 million msgs per day, growing 3X month-over-month. NearGroup runs on Facebook Messenger, Kik Messenger and Line, going live on all major platforms in coming weeks.

Recently we have raised $1.55M. Prior to NearGroup, its founder has bootstrapped a profitable travel portal doing business of $150M every year.


Empowering fans to promote what they love.

Ubby makes tools for fans and influencers to share recommendations of products that they love, and for brands to activate their fans and influencers on social media . We’ve built our platform using blockchain — the best technology to enable borderless micropayment incentives, identity systems to prevent fraud, and digital asset creation.


Instant virtual prototyping.

Dimension10 has developed a platform that enables dispersed teams to meet as in real life. The platform also enables virtual prototyping by importing 3D-models to our platform, allowing the users to interact and discuss with the prototype as they would in real life.


Connecting companies with the best university researchers. In any topic.

Sensei is a bot that connects companies with the best university researchers. In any topic. The bot uses semantic web frameworks to make this happen across 40,000+ research centers.


VR Smart Pets — We Have Baby Dragons!

Beast is a San Francisco startup making smart and magical pets for VR. We take players into a fantasy land where they can play with cute baby dragons that behave like flying puppies! Beast pets are friendly for all ages and perfect for families trying VR for the first time.

SimplyVital Health

Providing insight into what happens to patients after they leave the hospital.

SimplyVital Health provides insight into the black hole of what happens after a patient leaves the hospital. Health insurance is creating a shift to a fixed payment model for hospital admissions, so hospitals are financially responsible for over-run costs which result in financial penalties. Our tool provides insight to the black hole of data, reducing hospitals’ risk of financial penalties and improving patient care.


#1 Public Speaking App.

VirtualSpeech provides a VR platform for public speaking and communication skills. The VR app has 120,000+ downloads and we’re moving into the enterprise ‘soft’ skills market.


Collaborative 3D sculpting in VR.

MasterpieceVR let’s artists collaboratively sculpt organic 3D models 5x — 10x faster than traditional methods. Within virtual reality, artists can connect with each other worldwide and easily create models naturally with their hands.


Flip Visitors Into Leads.

​ helps businesses to convert visitors on their web and social pages into leads with up to 3x more conversion. In order to achieve this feat, we use a conversational UI, chatbot, to engage the visitor and extract information in a natural manner.


Automating the mixed reality process.

Xploadr is the platform to connect brands with the talent and tools to create mixed reality experiences without having to type a single line of code! Xploadr provides brands with campaign analytics, rewards users and gives transparency on the cost and creation process. Sign up on

Kriya AI

On Demand Scalable Workforce.

Kriya AI is the messaging platform where companies instantly connect with pre-vetted talent. Companies and enterprises are often constrained by resources, especially in building products and growing them. With Kriya, you create a project and instantly connect with a pre-vetted expert who finishes it. Fun Fact: We built our product using our own product.


We help immigrants make america great again!

The chat bot that helps immigrants get a US visa. 60,000 applications have been completed using Visabot.


An AR Collectible Card Game.

Karobi is an augmented reality collectible card game for mobile devices. Using our mobile app, players can battle one another locally or online in turn-based combat using customizable characters that appear in their environment. Our booster packs allow players to unlock in-game items such as characters, costumes, weapons, and more. By winning battles in specific areas, players can claim real-world locations as their own to become the champion of their cities.


A writing and project management tool for immersive storytelling.

Galatea is a writing and project management tool for immersive story telling. By addressing the most pressing needs for the VR pre-production pipeline, Galatea reimagines how storytellers write, organize and manage their creative workflow. Zach brings his expertise in engineering and his extensive background from the entertainment industry. Jesse, who holds a top-ranked MFA in writing, is a leading voice in VR storytelling, publishing extensively in major media.


Score the Lowest Rates on your Hotel Stay.

Hotel rates change every day. Your current favorite hotel app displays hotel rates at the time of your search. Waylo tracks hotel rate drops with time and notifies you on Facebook Messenger when hotel prices drop. Waylo enables you to book the lowest hotel rate in time. Try it out today!


Fine Art in Virtual Reality.

VRART gives a highly immersive experience of Fine Art in Virtual Reality. Art is emotion. It might fascinate or confuse you, but for sure it will touch you. VRART makes online galleries and museums become alive.


World’s smallest manned aircraft.

AirBoard is a San Mateo-based flying hover-board startup on a mission to improve the way people move.


Play with Your Music.

Microtrip gives you the ability to personalize interactive VR music experiences. It’s a powerful new way to connect with the emotion in your favorite music.

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