Boost VC Company Favor Acquired!

Favor, the first company Boost VC ever invested in, was sold yesterday to Texas grocery chain HEB. This is a big moment for Boost VC, as it represents returns from our very first fund and validates our business model after 5 years. More importantly, this is a big moment for the Favor founders, as their hard work, long hours and unbreakable determination have paid off, and we are thrilled with what they have accomplished.

Favor is an on-demand food delivery company operating in Texas, but when Ben Doherty (CEO) gave their pitch at our first ever Demo Day he had a bit different phrasing:

“[Favor] delivers a burrito right to your mouth.”

Ben got the idea for Favor while delivering pizza, because business was inconsistent and he didn’t understand why his deliveries should be limited to just pizza. So like any good entrepreneur, Ben decided to take matters into his own hands and fix the problem with the help of his friend Zac Maurais.

Favor is the original cockroach. They taught themselves how to code, ran out of money 3 times, and spent beautiful summers locked in a basement; but by sheer will and perseverance they built something that has changed the lives of millions of people.

When Brayton and I started Boost VC, we knew we needed entrepreneurs like Ben and Zac in our first program to set the standard for future tribes. Looking back, we are incredibly glad to have Favor be a part of our inaugural class.

Congratulations to Ben, Zac and the whole Favor Delivery team!

P.S. It’s not lost on us that Favor is a food delivery company and Boost VC focuses on Sci-Fi tech. Back when Favor was in Tribe 1, we hadn’t yet established our sci-fi focus!

Here are some more pictures from Boost VC Tribe 1:

Close up of Zac Maurais, Co-Founder Favor.
Ben Doherty, looking good, Co-Founder Favor.
Doing work.
Me giving them feedback that they didn’t like. Their first 50 pitches were not very good.
Zac Maurais, Dan Palumbo (Now @ Pillow), Ben Doherty and Brayton Williams showing support at a city council meeting to get Draper University approved.
Getting ready for Logan Green founder of Lyft to speak.