Boost VC Tribe 10 Companies Revealed.

5 years. 10 Tribes. 200+ Investments. $1 Billion raised.

We at Boost VC are really excited to announce Tribe 10! They have been in a basement building amazing things, and this is the first time they have seen light in 3 months. Proud of these founders and excited to call them Boost VC portfolio companies!


Most Popular Ethereum Wallet.

MyEtherWallet is the most widely used wallet in the ethereum ecosystem. Our team consists of passionate and dedicated eth lovers who want to develop the best wallet and tools for you to interact with the ethereum blockchain in the easiest, safest, and most secure way possible.


Squarespace for Voice Apps.

Storyline is a tool for creating voice applications without coding, starting from Amazon Alexa. We believe that you don’t have to be a developer to create something meaningful, to make an impact. Our visual interface and ready to use templates help people create, test, and publish complex voice applications in minutes. That’s impossible to do without Storyline.


The Future of At-Home Fitness

FitXR creates rhythm based fitness games in VR and AR. Their first product, BOXVR, has been described as ‘Guitar Hero crossed with a studio boxing workout’. Many users are calling it the best fitness game on the market. Although still in beta, its broad appeal is already dragging new people into VR.


#1 prototyping tool for AR & VR.

Sketchbox is the #1 prototyping tool for AR & VR apps. It’s a WYSIWYG editor in VR. Import your images, 3D models, 360 environments, and start building. Teams at Oculus and 3M are using it to reduce their development time and build better AR & VR products. Try it on Vive or Rift today!


The Infinite AI Soundtrack for the Digital Universe

Every year users create millions of years worth of interactive content online. We’d need a music library 75,000 times the size of Spotify to soundtrack them all. Melodrive is an AI composer that allows anyone — no matter their level of musical skill — to create immersive soundtracks for their digital content, simply at the click of a button. Melodrive uses AI to create infinite, unique music in realtime, that adapts to the emotional journey in digital experiences like VR, games and videos. We provide digital platforms with a fully-integrated music solution that solves the music creation and acquisition problem for their users.


Insight-driven VR analytics.

ObserVR is the easiest to integrate, most comprehensive solution for analytics in VR. Without having to write a single line of code, developers can start learning insights in minutes. We bring data into the development process for any type of VR experience including games, trainings & simulations, and location-based VR. By providing insights and not just raw data, our clients have improved their app design and increased engagement with their audience.


Collaborative Machine Learning.

People and companies need to share information, but to trust and collaborate we need Privacy. Acuratio is building a platform that allows sharing knowledge without sharing data. In a Data Economy, privacy will be the most important issue that companies will face, and we help them to solve this with Collaborative Machine Learning.


A Privacy Layer for Ethereum.

Keep is a privacy layer for Ethereum. By creating a bridge between the public blockchain and private data, contracts can harness the full power of blockchain technology, without compromising on reliability or transparency.

Northstar Robotics

Fully Autonomous Farming.

Northstar Robotics is developing the autonomous farm of tomorrow. Farmers face a lot of new challenges; labour shortage, less arable land, lower profit margins, and increased pressure to produce more with less. Northstar Robotics is here to help. Our team has over 18 years of experience in robotics and over 25 years experience in farming, giving us a deeper insight on how new technologies, like robotics and machine learning, can be applied to the betterment of farms worldwide. Northstar Robotics bringing farming to the future.


Definitive Multiplayer VR Worlds.

Alta is building A Township Tale, massive multiplayer survival RPG in VR. Players enter a persistent world, where they band together, explore, trade and go on adventures. Becoming blacksmiths, woodcutters, farmers, miners as part of a functioning online community. We achieve world scale through use of procedural algorithms to generate real time environments and emergent gameplay mechanics.


The Face of AI.

Expressive is fulfilling science fiction’s promise of walking, talking AI characters that are far more advanced than traditional game NPCs. We use a new approach to procedural character animation that gives characters subtle facial expressions and meaningful non-verbal gestures in response to their environment. We’re starting by offering solutions to brand characters and a consumer solution is in the works. What will it look like when Alexa and Siri have a body? What does it look like when your favorite Pixar characters are powered by AI?


Collaborative Team meetings in VR.

The most productive meetings in companies have always been in person — until now. With Arthur, teams can meet in virtual reality, working together like they’re in the same room. Combining excellent user experience based on natural interaction and a strong technical architecture, Arthur is the only enterprise-ready VR solution built to fluently integrate into a company’s processes. Users can start product meetings, workshops or creative brainstorming sessions with ease — and join from anywhere in the world. Sign up for the beta and experience the next generation of remote collaboration —


Augmented reality for mobility.

Etho is an augmented reality company for mobility, and our first product is an AR motorcycle helmet. Features such as computer vision-based threat detection, location based crowdsourcing, and NLP voice assistants will create a safer and smoother riding experience. The software powering these features is scalable to other sectors, such as cars, action sports, and commercial aviation. Through AR, Etho will disrupt the traditional mobility experiences through safer and smoother user interfaces and environments.


Netflix of Medical Education.

The current medical education system has not evolved and does not scale. Thanks to technology, the way we train our patient caregivers of tomorrow is about to drastically change…and GIBLIB is going to lead that charge. First, we are indexing every surgical procedure in 360 virtual reality from the best doctors at the top teaching hospitals because we know that every medical student and nursing student will wear a VR headset as part of his or her training. Second, we are building the largest library of medical lectures in the world so every medical professional can find any lecture on every topic on our platform. We have more than 10k health care professionals using our platform, we are revenue generating, and we have raised more than $1 million to date.


The 3D mouse.

We are all in 3D and yet we interact with 2D interfaces like screens. Kodama is the platform where users can manipulate the digital by just moving physical objects. The 2D mouse gave us a way to interact with the digital through a window, 35 years later — today, Kodama breaks down that window and lets us touch the digital allowing it to be real.

Moment Labs

Building the next generation of immersive tools.

A new medium needs new tools. Our kickass team built Moments, a VR tool for artists & creatives to visualize, storyboard, & present their ideas. It’s the best way to express yourself in VR.

Relax VR

Personal excellence through virtual reality relaxation.

Relax VR uses 360 videos, guided meditations and music to help people relax and function at their best. With over 400,000 downloads, a completed research study and availability on Cardboard, Gear VR and Daydream, Relax VR is the #1 VR relaxation app on mobile in the world.

Skylite Labs

Building Tomorrow’s Smarthome OS.

Skylite Labs is the future of smarthomes. With our fully autonomous smarthome platform, we provide increased comfort, energy efficiency, and ease of use for homeowners while providing increased property value and data for the builders. Our technology can change the future of how homes are built and run. The Skylite team, with experience including internet of things, numerical simulations, and integrated circuit design, is making this future happen.


Remote, immersive health education.

Virtimed is revolutionising health education through immersive technology. Developed by a surgeon and serial entrepreneur Virtimed is an immersive, remote learning management system that uses interactive 360 video, augmented reality and computer vision to objectively assess decision-making under pressure and reduce costs for health providers and device manufacturers. Backed up by a validation study and health economics case by two leading universities Virtimed came first in selection onto the prestigious Digital Health.London scale accelerator and are partnered with the world’s largest public health provider the UK’s NHS. Every year there are 250,000 deaths due to medical error in the US alone; we improve training, reduce error and save lives.

3D Look

Helping to find the right clothing size using just 2 photos.

3DLOOK has created a plug&play size recommendation solution for apparel e-commerce, based on complex computer vision, deep learning and 3D matching technologies. It allows customers of any apparel store to get their perfect size of clothing in a few seconds after just uploading 2 photos. It increases conversion rates and decreases returns, and is easy to implement into any website or a mobile app.


VR to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Zenjoi is pioneering the field of digital therapeutics where software becomes medicine. Groundbreaking research from Dr. Dale Bredesen has demonstrated that it is now possible to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s Disease. We have developed a multi-dimensional VR therapy which seamlessly combines physical and cognitive exercise with personalized stress-reducing therapies, all key elements in the fight against cognitive decline. Zenjoi founders are deeply motivated by a love for their Mom who has Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, and are working to make Alzheimer’s a thing of the past.


Cryptocurrency Arbitrage.

DEWMRAX has developed an autonomous trading bot that employs arbitrage strategies by buying and selling crytocurrency assets across several exchanges. Utilizing arbitrage allows DEWMRAX to take advantage of the significant volatility that exists in cryptocurrency markets, and the automatic nature of the existing strategies will allow DEWMRAX to devote time and resources to further increasing the bot’s volume and profitability.