My Day With Lebron James

Last Wednesday I was in Miami being driven around in a golf cart as King James sung me Drakes latest hit “Big Rings.” Honestly, he isn’t the best singer but I got a great laugh out of it.

I then watched him do some basic yoga positions. Which I will admit, I have not watched too many grown men (grown man might be an understatement for Lebron) in spandex doing any activity.

After about 15 minutes of being a part of Lebron’s daily routine, I felt like I really understood another side of this person I once criticized for leaving Cleveland behind and for always being one step behind Kobe ;) #goLakers. Lebron showed drive, passion, humor and humility. Thanks to VR, Lebron is now my BFF.

Then all of a sudden I was back at the Boost VC office. OK maybe I wasn’t physically ever close to Lebron, but WOW did it seem like it. Maybe Lebron never spoke or sung to me but WOW did it seem like it. That 15 minute journey was THE MOST INCREDIBLE virtual reality experience I have had to date — and I have tried a lot!

In the past week I have shown this experience to over 10 people. My 2 roommates (who I bombard all the time with VR) also said this was the best thing I have brought home. I also was able to share the adventure with the GM of the 76ers, Sam Hinkie, who afterwards stated “I am around Lebron a bunch and that was still really cool.” He immediately understood the implications of creating ‘In the Life of’ experiences of athletes with those of us who might not hangout with NBA MVP’s on a regular basis. Athletes to many are heroes and to be able to hangout with our heroes is our fantasy. VR is allowing these fantasies to come to life.

76ers GM and Operations Analyst

Companies like NextVR are focused on giving me court side seats to see Lebron play. That is awesome. But that is also something that seems very plausible to do in real life. That is not a dream of mine. Hanging out with the greatest basketball players of all time off the court definitely is. Just as MTV built an empire around showing us what famous people do and how they live — virtual reality will allow us to participate alongside and engage with these icons. We will cook with Martha Stewart, sing with Justin Bieber and do MAJOR KEY things with DJ Khaled.

If you are working on this or know someone who is — let me know!