Find Your Reason to Eat Glass

Of course if I knew the outcome Elon Musk had, I would totally eat glass while staring into the abyss and probably much more!

Here are some of the pains and hurdles of starting a company. As told by an entrepreneur!

I decide to start a company with my best friends

It is better to start a company with someone you could be friends with than starting a company with your current friends.

Time to launch my product

No one just starts using your product. Even if it is good. Start by getting one user at a time!

Ok turns out nobody likes it. But what if I add this feature?

Don’t keep building features. Make your product solve a core problem for a small set of users.

Well maybe I can create a partnership with another company

Many people think partnerships are the silver bullet. They usually just end up taking time and resources from yourself. Why would someone want to partner with a no name company in the first place?

This thing over here looks like it might be easier (chasing the shiny object)

Follow your vision. Just because something looks like it will be easier to gain users, make sure it aligns with the company.

The large incumbent decides to offer a competing product

Larger companies will most likely come out with competing products at some point. As a startup you must work faster and focus on what you do best. The other company usually has a different vision.

I saw this company in TechCrunch do it. And I am much better than them!

You are the rule — not the exception. Stop reading tech news and comparing yourself! Make your own path.

But when it works it looks AMAZING!

How many times do you think this guy fell before landing this?!

Ending this with someone who said it best.

You need to find something that will help you persevere through all the tough times. The answer here is rarely the money involved but the problem you are trying to solve. Were you put on this earth to solve a problem? That is what will get you through the struggles of starting a company!

TL;DR — Exercise ball fails are awesome and starting a company is hard.

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