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Say hello to Tribe 8!

With the addition of Tribe 8, our portfolio stands at 162 companies with 50+ blockchain and 40+ virtual reality, making Boost VC a leading investor in both sectors.

We are pleased to announce the companies in Boost VC’s Tribe 8!


Casino VR

Multiplayer Poker in VR, bringing social and psychological cues of real life poker to online.


Your universal 3D avatar for VR/AR apps and video games.


Cross-platform app for editing better 360 videos.

The Construct

Our vision is to enable every engineer to publish content in VR and share it with their coworkers and customers.

Waves VR

Waves drives revenue in virtual reality by selling premium content that is accessible across platforms.


We make creating VR & 3D experiences stupid simple.

Queen B Robotics

360 Video Capture for Drones.

Shadoworks Studio

Shadoworks is a company dedicated to developing VR content for Taiwan educators, students and schools.

Paradigm Shift VR

Paradigm Shift is revolutionizing the way students learn via Virtual and Augmented Reality.



The Ethereum block explorer: your window to the next generation of blockchain.

Volt Markets

We make buying renewable energy credits easy, secure, and transparent.


Blockchain-based loan verification and trading platform.


Connecting video creators with their audience. No ads. No subscriptions.


Rethinking insurance: weather is unpredictable, but your monthly transportation budget is not.


Making bitcoin useable in everyday purchases around the world.

The Sun Exchange

Blockchain-based financing platform for commercial-scale solar power projects in the developing world.


Boon Investments, Inc.

Robo-Advisor for Emerging Markets


Eva is a bot enabled gifting network.

Streak Trivia

Massively-multiplayer trivia, played in Facebook Messenger.


The Mothership is a mobile airborne command center and charging platform for drone systems.




The Boost VC Accelerator: We Invest $500k in Sci-Fi Founders. 250+ companies funded -

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