Submit Your Pick for the Most Underrated in Silicon Valley!

Submit your pick for the most underrated in the startup world to adam [@] with an explanation of why.

Last week I wrote a story, that was intended to highlight two individuals I felt were underrated: AJ Forsythe, and Niko Bonatsos and the response was incredible!

I ended up with a lot of unsolicited recommendations for “Underrated” individuals who they felt deserved the spotlight. And so what I have decided to do is highlight two individuals monthly who the community believes deserves the spotlight. And at the end of the year, we will have a dinner for these people.

I will screen the group with the help of people who have already won the award for most underrated. And we will come up with these two picks every month.

So submit your recommendation to adam [@] with an explanation of why you believe your recommendation deserves the most underrated in the startup world award.

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