‘The Boost VC Podcast’ Episode #5 with Pillow Homes’ Justin Miller!

Listen Here: ‘The Boost VC Podcast!’ with Justin Miller!

“Folks who are persistent, work hard, and make their own luck do very well.” — Justin Miller

Pillow Talk with Justin Miller and Adam Draper. We are renaming the episode this because it’s too good of a pun.

Justin Miller and I met at a Golden State Warriors game and became fast friends! I told him that I wanted to be the first check into his next company after Notehall, and fortunately that company was Pillow Homes.

Justin and I talk about early stage startup decisions, such as co-founders, branding and bootstrapping. He focuses hard on managing the expectations of other founders, making sure that they understand the sacrifice that you will have to make in order to build success.

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