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The New Boost VC Accelerator: $500k for Sci-Fi.


  • Accelerators don’t invest enough money. (Boost VC company)

Boost VC turns 7 years old this month! We have 200+ active investments from over 35 countries, and we have carved out a great brand in the Sci-Fi tech world.

We have invested in leading Sci-Fi companies: crypto (Coinbase & Etherscan), virtual reality (Wave & FitXR), exoskeletons & jetpacks (Roam & Jetpack Aviation), space (Kubos & Launcher), biotech (InterVenn & NextBiotics) and countless other Sci-Fi companies. We know what it takes to get started and get to the next level.

However we have learned that prior to a seed round, there is a large funding gap. If you are starting a Sci-Fi company today you have 2 options for money:

  1. Raise a seed round ($2–4M): This can be done by very few founders before real traction / credibility is obvious.

Now there is a third option for Sci-Fi founders. The Boost VC accelerator: $500k.

Join the family of founders making Sci-Fi a reality! Apply to Tribe 13 before October 30th!



The Boost VC Accelerator: We Invest $500k in Sci-Fi Founders. 250+ companies funded -

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Brayton Williams

Co-Founder @BoostVC — Investing in Sci-Fi Tech founders: crypto, VR, AI, space, robotics, biotech, SciFi. Advisor: @etherscan, @mycrypto, Aragon