VR is a Thing. Start Paddling and Ride the Wave.

OC5 is this week. It’s going to be awesome.

When I first jumped into a VR headset, it was a Samsung gear 4 years ago, and I saw the documentary about Syrian Refugees. I jumped out and knew it was going to be a thing. In fact, that was what I said “Yes, that is going to be a thing.” I also watched the movie “Transformers” on the moon, and that really sealed the deal.

Tribe 6 at Boost VC added Virtual Reality startups, and since then we have become the most notorious investor in the sector. We have invested in 70+ VR startups, and we are still investing.

At first when I got the VR headset and set it up in my house, I forced myself to use it. We were believers, and the technology was early, I had to be a force for good. But because of the lack of content at the beginning it was hard to have repeatable reasons to come back… Then I tried Space Pirate Trainer… then I took a meeting in VR in Arthur.tech… then Beatsaber came out. Now if I haven’t been in VR for a couple days, I’m sad because it means I haven’t exercised in BoxVR for days.

We have found deals through VR meetings, I have lost weight because of exercising in VR (and diet), I have learned valuable knowledge about the world. VR is a thing.

VR has had a lot of false starts in the past 40 years, but the main thing that has changed, is the internet. We have global internet adoption, and the “Killer App” of VR is being together. Humans like to connect. I interviewed Philip Rosedale on the Boost VC Podcast and talked about the killer app of VR for quite some time.

So finally we have the technology in a less complicated form, we have global connection to the internet, and we have a new untethered headset coming out next year for a lower price point.

VR is an empathy machine, it brings people together, educates people faster, and is literally the matrix.

The wave has begun!!! If I was a surfer, I would say that this is the moment you start paddling in order to catch it.

If you are an investor — Invest. If you are a builder — Build. If you are a consumer — Consume. And if you are an enterprise — Buy something. If you are a startup — apply to Boost VC! :)

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