We are a Family of Founders Making Sci-Fi a Reality

As Boost VC has been recruiting for Tribe 9, starting in February 2017 (Apply Now), we have found great entrepreneurs in Blockchain, VR, AR, AI, Chatbots, Smart transportation, Space and what we have realized is that there is one phrase that encompasses all that Boost VC represents: We are a family of founders making sci-fi a reality!

Science Fiction drives all the greatest innovation in our time by inspiring imagination. At Boost VC we admire this, and seek startups who push the limits of the future by making Science Fiction a Reality.

In the 1977 book, Ender’s game, the famous book by Orson Scott Card, everyone is hooked up to the NETS, Space travel is casual, and Ender plays 3D computer games on his pad. These are all different businesses in todays’ day and age.

Isaac Asimov is renowned as one of the greatest Science Fiction writers of all time with the creation of the three rules for artificial intelligence in I-Robot, published in 1950. Today, artificial intelligence has become the hottest computing platform.

In Star Trek, their space travel is based on different energy sources and their currency is based on a “credit” system that is definitely not based on paper dollars. If you think that Star Trek transactions weren’t happening on a distributed ledger called Bitcoin, then you are delusional.

Camera’s capture the world through “telescreens” in 1984, published in 1949. George Orwell was expecting the government or centralized group to have this power, not Snapchat… but still very relevant.

Science Fiction is constantly ahead of the curve, and by pushing the imagination, they inspire creation. Entrepreneurs and creators everywhere get to imagine how to shape the future.

Boost VC is a family of founders making Sci-Fi a reality. We have backed everything from rocket companies to the future of currency. Only the truly bold and daring should apply.