Stop listening to BS, do you

This Summer I was given a lot of advice from one source or another. Advice including statements such as “go easy on yourself”, “take it easy”, “don’t worry” and the classic one “everything will workout in the end”.

One of the things that I’ve spent a lot of time doing is being hard on myself, putting myself through my own paces whether it is physically, mentally or financially. Along side this teaching myself ownership and responsibility in as many areas as possible.

What I find most interesting about the people giving this advise is that they have never ran or owned their own business. Yet they spend their time educating those that have and advising them, sometimes wrongly on how to do things when in a time of crisis.

A lot of this is through the eyes of trying to help.

“Taking things easy won’t bring you the results you want”

One of my takeaway’s from this is to become so focused and driven on achieving results that I simply don’t have the time to comment on other peoples strategy or methodology.

Hope this has been useful.

Robert Haylor




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Robert Haylor

Robert Haylor

Managing Director at Boost Digital Media

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