“Hashiboto, who are you?”

A confession of the thyroid chatbot makers

Hashiboto is a chatbot specialized in science of Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease. It came to its virtual life a few weeks ago, thanks to hard work of Boost team. Hashiboto lives on Facebook Messenger.

Chat with Hashiboto

We built Hashiboto with a few goals in our mind: provide tools for patients to better understand the condition, to tweak their lifestyle, or to measure the impact of bigger changes in health, diet or activity.

What can Hashiboto do for you?

  1. You can chat with Hashiboto about thyroid.

Basically, ask questions and get answers about the condition. Imagine a small encyclopaedia of peer-reviewed scientific knowledge on the topic. That is Hashiboto. It is not a sophisticated encyclopedia yet. It can break easily if the questions are too complicated, simpler questions will make it so much easier for Hashiboto. It will evolve and get to more complex questions. Until then, please be patient with it.

2. You can record your symptoms and get an overview of your symptoms.

You can choose to record on daily basis or not, and you do not need to record every category. Choose what to record and skip the other things. Make it fit your personal needs. Overviews of what you tracked come after one week or ten days, depending how many days have you tracked.

3. Hashiboto can also remind you to take your meds on time or to do sports, or any other activity important for you during your day.

If there are some questions Hashiboto can’t answer, us humans will. This might take some time, but the answer will be there.

What should you not share with Hashiboto?

Any of your medical history. Hashiboto is on a Facebook hosted chat, and both Facebook and we do not want you to share any confidential medical data.

Hashiboto is not built to give medical advice, and will ignore if you have shared any medical data, or ask for a medical advice.

What can you do for Hashiboto?

We would love to hear about your experiences with Hashiboto. It will help us greatly to build a better product for all of us to use. Ping us at hello@boosthealthapp.com

And we are sorry if Hashiboto sometimes annoys you, it is still learning its way through.

Happy chatting from the Boost Health team ❤