Thyroid function and aging

Thyroid activity changes as people age — the organ slowly becomes less active (1).

Aging-related changes in the thyroid

Several changes in the thyroid are likely to occur with age (2–6):

  1. The thyroid becomes smaller and harder to feel in the neck
  2. TPO and Tg antibodies (a sign of Hashimoto’s) become more frequent over the age of 60
  3. Iodine levels (a necessary component of thyroid hormones) are lower than they used to be
  4. It takes a long time for the body to produce T3 and T
  5. It takes longer to clear T4 from the body
  6. rT3 increases with age
  7. The daily 24 hour rhythm of TSH production — which is present from the birth on — starts fading

Thyroid hormone reference ranges for people over 70

The reference interval for TSH in the elderly is up to 7.5 mIU/L (7). TSH is a main thyroid hormone to be checked when assessing thyroid function.

T4 levels can be higher, while T3 reference ranges can be lower compared to the reference ranges for people who are middle-aged and younger (8, 9). Low selenium levels also correlate with low thyroid function (10).

Hypothyroidism in people over 70

An underactive thyroid is more common in people in their 70s than in any other age group (1). With age, here is an increase in the number of people diagnosed with autoimmune diseases (11, 12).

Diagnosing an underactive thyroid in people over 70

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid overlap with symptoms aging, which might cause a delay in diagnosis (1, 11).
The most common hypothyroid symptoms for elderly people include (13–15):

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Dry skin
  • Poor memory

Hypothyroidism treatment for people over 70

Older patients are more sensitive to thyroid hormone replacement therapy. There are several things to consider (16, 17):

  • Problematic interactions with other medications, especially for chronic illnesses
  • Different speed of thyroid hormone clearance, which might lead to an increase in T4 levels
  • Overtreatment might worsen existing heart problems and lead to new health problems, such as an irregular heart beat (arrhythmia) and progressive bone loss
  • Estrogen replacement therapy in postmenopause might lead to a need for a higher dose of T4 therapy

How we write: our information is based on the results of peer reviewed studies using the National Library of Medicine platform. It is written by scientists and reviewed by external experts. If you believe we might have overseen crucial scientific information, please contact us at

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease or condition. If you want to change your treatment, lifestyle, your diet, include supplements in your diet or have concerns about your health, please consult your doctor before trying new approaches.


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