Booster 1.2 is now available!

Today we’re excited to announce a new app update that provides a wide variety of enhancements to the user experience. There were many improvements made to the back-end that tweak server performance, but we also made some pretty noticeable alterations to the front-end as well.

For instance, users will notice that the profile screen has been outfitted with a completely new format, providing valuable social metrics such as the number of followers, total number of stars received, and the number of sales made. Users can even view a list of all their followers, and then follow them back if they like.

Also, sellers informed us that they need to display their shipping and return policies for their buyers, since that provides clarity on when orders will be received and what to do in case a return is required. From the “edit store” tab, sellers can now designate the amount of time it takes to ship their items, where exactly they can ship to (domestic vs. international), and whether or not returns are accepted.

There are many, many other alterations to the app’s aesthetics and overall functionality, which we hope will continue to provide an excellent user experience. We even adjusted the bitrate of broadcasts, providing a more clean and crisp live video stream for viewers.

We have some pretty big things planned for the next app update as well, so be sure to stay tuned!