Boostnote changes programmers’ note-taking experience

Hi programmers, what apps do you use for your note-taking? Default Note-app? Evernote?

But you know, it’s sometimes not useful to use for programming things.

Good news. There is a good note-taking app for programmers.

It’s Boostnote 🚀

It’s permanently free, and open source.


Boostnote is a note-taking app used over 100 countries and distributed as an OSS on GitHub.


Until version 0.8.0, the left logo was used.

Boostnote is created as a CLI tool named CodeXen in first stage.

I’ll introduce the history of Boostnote by a chronological table with tweets.

Quick start

Press Cmd + N and choose Markdown Note. Then you can start to write anything you want by using markdown.

Quick start


There are many features that programmers feel useful.

  • Tag
  • Star
  • Finder
  • Syntax highlight
  • Markdown
  • Offline application (no register)
  • Shortcuts
  • Vim key-bind
  • Customizable UI
  • TeX support
  • Export
  • Quick Preview
  • Trash
  • Search

I’ll explain them in breaf.


You can add tags to the note.



You can star to the note and check them in the Starred folder.



It’s the most important feature, you can use markdown in Boostnote.

Offline application

Boostnote is completely offline application. It means there is no registration and no sync.

When you want to sync your notes, you need to use other service as Dropbox or GoogleDrive.


There is a lot of useful shortcuts.


Awesome! You can also use Vim key-bind.

Set your key-bind from Menu -> UI. Don't forget to reload app after that!

Customizable UI

You can customize the UI from Menu -> UI

TeX support

You can write math by TeX. With $$ and $$$, write some equations.

# TeX support
$$$ 1 + \frac{q^2}{(1-q)}+\frac{q^6}{(1-q)(1-q^2)}+\cdots = \prod_{j=0}^{\infty}\frac{1}{(1-q^{5j+2})(1-q^{5j+3})}, \quad\quad \text{for }\lvert q\rvert<1. $$$


You can export as .md or .txt file.

Quick Preview

You just click to toggle the modes.



Trash box is available.

Search box

Search box

You also search in a note by any words.

For Developers

This part is for developers.

Something goes wrong! Can be more better!

It’s OK. Boostnote is OSS. Let’s improve our Boostnote.


Boostnote is build with React + Electron + CSSModules. And CodeMirror is used for the Editor.


When you start to develop Boostnote, please look over this.

In brief, there are 3 steps to run Boostnote in your local.

  1. Pull repository $ git pull
  2. Run $ yarn
  3. Run $ yarn run dev-start

After you confirm starting the app, you can start to develop Boostnote!



Boostnote is distributed as free software, so there are no supports. But there is a community.

Feel free to join our slack team and say hello!

Or, ask anything on issue!