Held the Boostnote Meetup vol.3!

We held the Boostnote Meetup in Tokyo,Japan at September 19.

Boostnote is an open source note-taking app for programmers.

First of all, it started with self-introduction of Boostnote members and participants.

A variety of occupations gathered, so it was very interesting 😊

After that, the talk that title of “Makaizou Boostnote” (“Makaizou -魔改造-” means “Wow, that’s awesome!” in English) was started by an one of Boostnote’s maintainer.

In his presentation, the additional features of Boostnote were introduced, which is not marged to master (not possible! lol).

The features that the participants said they wanted were the following.

· Reading feature
· Speech recognition like Siri
· Template in markdown
· Real-time markdown preview


the story about “10hz” and “Boostnote mobile” was started by the developer of Boostnote moblile.

He describes the development of 10hz.

Since many participants said that using Boostnote at working, it seemed that they were very interested in 10hz (10hz is team version of Boostnote).


It was a very pleasant meetup so I would like to do it on regular basis. We are looking for Evangelist who host Boostnote Meetup outside of Japan!

Please feel free to contact me :) 

* Boostnote related information

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