Boostnote keyboard shortcuts — boost your productivity

Are you using shortcut keys?
Boostnote has several shortcut keys.

Suppose you can save about 5 minutes a day using shortcut keys, in this case you can save 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes) in 30 days and 1800 minutes (30 hours) in a year ⏰

I’m show you guys how to use these shortcut keys which boost your productivity using Boostnote!

What’s Boostnote?

Boostnote is an Open source note-taking app for programmers.
We have got over 4,100 stars at GitHub 🌟

1, Finder feature

[Command + alt + S]


Finder is feature that like Spotlight search at Macbook.

Just by pressing Enter key, the selected content of a note will enter the clipboard, so you can paste it to the place you want.
 Of course, you can customize this key at Preferences.

2, Show / hide Boostnote

[Command + Alt + L]

You can switch Boostnote display or not display.

You can also customize this key from Preference.

3, Other shortcut keys

Boostnote has several shortcut keys.
Try it 💪


Let’s use these keys to boost your productivity!

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