Boostnote Tips: How to set Vim keymap to Boostnote.

What’s Boostnote?

Boostnote is an Open source note-taking app for programmers.
We have got over 4,300 stars at GitHub 🌟


Change Editor Keymap to vim (or emacs) at Preferences -> UI -> Editor Keymap
Reload Boostnote after saving with “Command + R”.

Custom Keymap

You can customize your keymaps.

If you want to set `jj` as `Esc`, Go to “View -> Toggle Developer Tools” from the menu and after setting the tab to Console, Run the following script in the developer console. (‘jj’, ‘<Esc>’, ‘insert’)


:q to escape from Edit mode.

When editing a note, `: q` `: qw` `:: wq` `: q!` commands let you leave edit mode.


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