Release information (7/29/2017, v0.8.12)

v0.8.12 was released at 29th July.

The main points of this time are as follows.

  • Add trash can
  • Add search box in Editor mode
  • Add link among notes

I’m going to explain them one by one.

Trash can

Trash Can

Finally I merged this feature since Februaly.

You can reference the above a gif image to get how to use it.

Search box in Editor mode


I added this feature which had been a lot of request before. It uses an official addon of CodeMirror.

Although you can call the box by Ctrl(Cmd)-F, some are different from similer ones which we often use in browser such as Google Chrome. So I list up them below on account of specifications of CodeMirror.


More about them.

And also I added the prompt of vim-mode so you can use it by / in normal mode.

Search in vim-mode

Link among notes

Link among notes

Link among notes is a feature of jumping by a link such as [this_is_a_note](e9604016f1436fd3a3b4-536822849523c381a696) in Preview mode.

Furthermore, you can get the link in InfoButton which was added on this update.


NOTE: Moving to aother folder is not supported for now.


This is about other improvements.

I changed Ctrl-U to Ctrl-K because it was not intuitively.

Bug fix

I fixed peripheral of inseration image.

All PRs

These are all the PRs which was merged from v0.8.11 to v0.8.12.

Design improvements were by kazup, release operations were by kohei_takata.