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Jun 18, 2018 · 6 min read

One of the main reasons that BOOSTO held the Crypto Influence Summit in New York City was to help highlight and prop up the most authoritative, trustworthy, and credible names in the crypto and blockchain communities.

Despite the industry’s best efforts to legitimize itself and weed out any unsavory characters, there is still an abundance of social figures that don’t have the community’s best interest at heart. This has been seen time and again, most recently with the Bitconnect Ponzi scheme.

While there will always be a certain number of fraudsters in every industry, BOOSTO has taken it upon itself to help push some of the most dependable and ethically-sound influencers to the forefront of the social landscape so that veterans and newcomers know who to go to for authentic information.

The quest for trust and honesty is why we awarded crypto and blockchain influencers in various categories, on top of their epic work within the communities.

In an effort to continue spreading the word on the most truthful and responsible names in the crypto and blockchain world, here we will be providing a breakdown of the Crypto Influence Summit’s award categories, nominees, and winners.

Keep in mind that while most categories only had a single prizewinner, all the names listed here are individuals that you can depend on to provide the most reliable and accurate info available.

Without further ado!

Fan Awards

Awards for influencer personalities

Best Video Production Nominees



Ivan on Tech

BTC Sessions

Ready Set Crypto

WINNER: Cryptonauts

Most Funny Nominees

Doug Polk Crypto

Crypto Daily

Siraj Raval



WINNER: Siraj Raval

Most Informative Nominees


Decentralized TV

Hacking the System


Crypto Investor

WINNER: DataDash

Coolest Influencer Nominees

Doug Polk Crypto

Crypto Blood

Arcane Bear


JR Business

WINNERS: Crypto Blood & Arcane Bear

Most Relatable Nominees



Chris Dunn

Jackson Palmer

Amanda B. Johnson

WINNER: DataDash

Community Awards

Awards for best community sites/forums/chats

Discord/Telegram Nominees

Cryptopedia (Discord)

Turtlecoin (Discord)

/r/cryptocurrency (Discord)

Space Station (Discord)

AltcoinWhales (Telegram)

WINNER: Turtlecoin (Discord)

Forum Nominees


The Pub

Ethereum Community Forum

Cryptocurrency Talk



Reddit Nominees

Reddit Doge





WINNER: Reddit Doge

Journalist Nominees

Chris DeRose

Laura Shin

Joseph Young

Kyle Torpey

Wong Joon Ian

WINNER: Chris DeRose

Website Nominees

The Merkle




Bitcoin Magazine

WINNER: CoinDesk

Content Awards

Awards for specific, individual content

Best Individual Tweet Nominees











WINNER: @SatoshiLite

Best Individual Video Nominees

The Bitcoin Revolution

Starting in Crypto with $1,000?

Where Are They Now?

What Is Crypto Currency?

Top 5 Altcoins Under $1

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets

5 Lessons For New Traders

Make a Million Dollars

For Those Hurting

How to Day Trade On Binance

WINNER: The Bitcoin Revolution

Best Collaboration Nominees

Ivan on Tech (w/ Richard Heart)

Richard Heart (w/ Roger Ver)

Crypto Love (w/ Crypto Beadles & David Haye)

Amanda B. Johnson (w/ Diamond-Michael Scott)

Crypt0 (w/ Dollar Vigilante)

WINNER: Crypto Love (w/ Crypto Beadles & David Haye)

Best Interview Nominees

Crypto Beadles (w/ Michael Bisping)

Chris Dunn (w/ Tim Draper)

Ivan on Tech (w/ Dan Larimer)

Ziocody (w/ Randall Lord)

Andreas Antonopoulos (w/ Himself)

WINNER: Crypto Beadles (w/ Michael Bisping)

Best Thumbnail Images Nominees

The Crypto Lark

The Modern Investor

Son of a Tech

Crypto Crow

Crypto Spark

WINNERS: Son of a Tech & Crypto Spark

Platform Awards

Awards for best overall influencer

Best Twitter Feed Nominees

Nick Szabo

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Vitalik Buterin

Adam Back

Erik Voorhees


Peterk Todd

Barry Silbert

Charlie Lee

John McAfee

WINNER: Charlie Lee

Best Podcast Nominees

Bad Crypto Podcast

Unchained and Unconfirmed


CRYPTO 101 Podcast

Bitcoin Uncensored

WINNER: CRYPTO 101 Podcast

Best Miscellaneous Nominees

Cryptopher Columbus

Crypto Humor

Crypto World News

Dollar Vigilante

Cryptocurrency Updates

WINNER: Dollar Vigilante

Best Project Nominees


Basic Attention Token






Props Project


WINNER: Basic Attention Token

Category Awards

Awards for category/channel theme

Best Female Influencer Nominees

Taryn Southern

Crypto Tips

Crypto Flower

Digi Dels

Amanda B. Johnson

WINNERS: Taryn Southern & Amanda B. Johnson

Best International Influencer Nominees

Crypto Daily

David Hay

Ivan on Tech

Dr. Julian Hosp

Cryptocurrency Australia

WINNER: Ivan on Tech

Best Crypto Musician Nominees

Crypto Daily


team HODL

Crypto Rap Up

Siraj Raval

WINNER: Siraj Raval

Best Coin Prediction Nominees

Crypto Fiend


I Love Crypto


Young And Investing

WINNER: Crypto Fiend

Best Marketwatch Nominees

Coin Mastery

Tone Vays


The Right Trader

Node Investor

WINNER: Coin Mastery

Best Livestream Channel Nominees

Ivan on Tech

Off Chain with Jimmy Song


I Love Crypto

Crypto Bobby

WINNERS: I Love Crypto & Crypto Bobby

Best Mining Channel Nominees



Digital Gold


Crypto Mining

WINNER: VoskCoin

Best Business/News Channel Nominees


Decentralized TV

World Crypto Network

The Crypto Lark

TomoNews US

WINNER: World Crypto Network

Best Mixed Channel Nominees


Mastersaint — Altcoin Expert

Taryn Southern

Antranik DotOrg

GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

WINNER: Taryn Southern

Best Tutorial Videos Nominees


Tone Vays

Crypto Tips


Louis Thomas

WINNER: Tone Vays

Best Coin Analysis Nominees

Crypto Daily

Crypto Beadles

Ken The Crypto

Crypto Crow

The Modern Investor

WINNER: Crypto Crow

Best Cameo Nominees


Is Mining Killing PC Gaming?

Is CryptoNick The Logan Paul of Crypto?

Bitcoin For Beginners

Bitconnect Parody

The Bitcoin Guy

BCH Insider Trading

Mining Adventure

What’s the Deal with CryptoKitties?

Bitcoin Ultra Spiritual Life


Golden Awards

Awards for best overall influencer & worst spammer

Influencer of the Year Nominees

Ivan on Tech


Crypto Daily


Amanda B. Johnson

WINNER: Crypt0

Golden Downvote Nominees

Trevon James


Crypto Girl

Marcin Dubiel

WINNER: Trevon James

Honorary Awards

Awards based on channel performance stats (*Not voted on by fans)

Highest Viewed

WINNER: Taryn Southern

Most Popular

WINNER: Crypto Fiend

Highest Growth

WINNER: CryptoCandor

Most Engagement

WINNER: Cryptonauts

Best Domestic

WINNER: Crypto Spark

Most Impersonated

WINNER: Crypto Bobby

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