Tolar x BOOSTO Partnership Announcement

As another mark of the company’s dedication to #MakingthebetterBlockchain, BOOSTO, the decentralized app (DApp) that caters to the needs of influencers and developers, announces a new key partnership with Tolar(Known for its Hashnet), a faster and safer ledger beyond blockchain. The partnership blossomed from Tolars’s victory at the Ian Balina’s startup pitch competition.

Tolar Hashnet, an open source, community governed crypto-currency featuring scalable, fast, secure, and fair transactions. Who’s founder is serving as the principal of COTRUGLI Business School. Tolar’s decision to collaborate with BOOSTO’s protocol and influencer network is a way to spread out awareness for the upcoming ICO(September 15, 2018). Tolar is constantly looking for other protocols and marketing channels that can increase the utility value of the Tolar token, and BOOSTO is a perfect fit.

BOOSTO will furnish protocol integration for Tolar Hashnet, allowing users to use Tolar token on BOOSTO protocol, and in turn, Tolar will provide a better and faster blockchain network for BOOSTO to build on. Likewise, Tolar users can now access BOOSTO’s network of more than 350,000 social media influencers. Invites are now open for users of one of these platforms to join the others’ Telegram groups as well (BOOSTO, Tolar).

Through blockchain technology, BOOSTO’s mission is to serve as the most effective influencer marketing ecosystem. By serving as both a protocol and a social token, BOOSTO works to free creators and consumers from the stranglehold that traditional app stores enjoy over the marketplace. Whereas the conventional app stores take up to 65% of profits, the BOOSTO model allows developers and influencers to split profits upon agreement using smart contract, thereby decentralizing the process and increasing revenue opportunities.

During Q2 2018, BOOSTO launched the SocialBook DApp (, a search tool that permits companies and individuals to seek the best possible influencers for collaboration. The company now also offers Crypto Influencers (, a free public tool based on the same technology that aggregates data to promote responsible partnering and investing.

To learn more about BOOSTO, visit the company’s official website,

BOOSTO is an influencer driven decentralized App store, aims to empower global influencers and developers through unleashing the full potential of influencer led communities, by using blockchain as a foundation of trust and tokens as incentives to build various interactive decentralized applications.