25 Inspiring Bootstrap Based Website Examples

Bootstrap is a very popular framework and there are a lot of websites that are built upon Bootstrap. Web sites using Bootstrap have faced the criticism that they all look the same and if you know Bootstrap you can tell if a website is built using Bootstrap. That is not entirely false. But you can create websites with fresh and original designs if you are willing to put a little effort into it even when you are using a template for your website.

Here is a list of some popular and beautiful examples of websites that are created using Bootstrap. Also, You can visit the official Bootstrap showcase on Bootstrap Expo.

1 — Apple Maps Connect

Apple Maps Connect Bootstrap website example

2 — Aditya Birla Fashion and Retails

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Bootstrap example website

3 — Lee

Lee Bootstrap example website

4 — Forbes India

Forbes India Bootstrap example website

5 — Lifebuoy

Lifebuoy Bootstrap example website

6 — Fox News

Fox New Bootstrap example website

7 — Add This

Add This Bootstrap example website

8 — Reuters

Reuter Bootstrap example website

9 — Micromax

Micromax Booststrap example website

10 — Gift Search

Gift Search Bootstrap example website

11 — NetGuru

Netguru Bootstrap example

12 — Éléphant — Restaurant

Éléphant - Restaurant Bootstrap example

13 — Apigee

Apigee Bootstrap website example

14 — Daniella Draper

Daniella Drapper Bootstrap example

15 — Reserve

Reserve Bootstrap example website

16 — TimeBlend

Timeblend Bootstrap example

17 — Strohl

Strohl Bootstrap website example

18 — Monte Ré

MonteRé Bootstrap example

19 — Metro Twit

Metro Twit Bootstrap website example

20 — Blast Processor

Blast Processor Bootstrap website example

21 — Stack Ideas

Stack Ideas Bootstrap website example

22 — Roxy Koranda

Roxy Koranda Bootstrap website example


1Bite2Go Bootstrap example

24 — Pear Analytics

Pear Analytics Bootstrap website example

25 — Gift Search

Gift Search Bootstrap website example

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