All You Need to Know About Parallax Scrolling

The first time I saw parallax scrolling on a website, to be very honest I was awestruck and very impressed. I could keep my finger off the scroll. I mean how do they do it? Here you are scrolling down a web page like you would do on a normal day, but while doing the same monotonous scrolling, something magical and unexpected happened. The pages were not moving the way I am used to seeing them move. So, what is parallax scrolling? Let’s take a look.

The parallax scrolling in web design is a design practice in which the foreground of the website moves at a different pace than the background creating the illusion of a 3D effect. The images in the foreground and background are arranged in multiple layers and they move independently. The parallax scrolling in the website was first created in the year 2011, and since it has been used widely all over the internet.

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