An Unexpected Gadget that Can Make Work-from-Home Productive

Let’s see how BOOX E Ink tablets can help with work-from-home.

May 21, 2020 · 6 min read
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Before January this year, we all dreamt about working from home (WFH) regularly. It can no longer be fantasy now.

These days, we use tools like Skype to say hi to our colleagues. And team collaboration tools, such as Zoom and Dropbox, start to take over the whiteboard in the meeting room.

It seems that we cut off unnecessary interactions in the physical working environment. Yet, we also lose productivity and the sense of working together while wearing pajamas at home and typing beside the comfy sofa.

How can we be productive when telecommuting?

A list of gadgets comes across our minds.

Laptop Plus VPNs for Remote Working: Not a Good Choice

A laptop is a must-have gadget for working from home.

Whether we use Mac, Surface or DELL, on the first day we open the PC on our desk at home, we almost immediately realize that we cannot access the files stored in our company’s internal folder when using our personal laptops.

In this case, most companies help their employees access the internal server with the VPN (Virtual Private Network). With an address and a login password, people can freely access all the files in the intranet while working from home.

However, free access challenges privacy security. And it takes a tedious setup to make VPN work — you can especially relate if you’re a tech newbie like me.

Source: Internet

Also, after a long time of staring at the computer emitting the blue light, we feel that characters on the screen blur. And our eyes are as dry as the land without raindrops for ten months. Eye strain is painful, and it interrupts our work progress as we need regular breaks.

Although we want to make working-from-home productive, we cannot achieve that without using the right tool.

Make Your Working from Home Both Productive and Comfortable with BOOX E Ink Tablets

It’s time to put a BOOX E Ink Tablet on your work desk to focus on your job and eliminate eye strain from excessive use of computers.

BOOX Max Lumi Photo by Onyx Team

If you still think that a monochrome E Ink Tablet can only display books and files, you should catch up with the latest trend. BOOX E Ink Tablets can act far beyond as the best PDF reader. They can help you improve your efficiency while working from home by providing the following functions:

✔️Transfer files and sync notes wirelessly

BOOX released its BOOX Assistant application a week ago and introduced its powerful features in a short video on Youtube.

Video by Onyx Boox on Youtube

With the BOOX Assistant for both iOS and Android, you can transfer files to BOOX devices directly from your mobiles and sync notes seamlessly. More importantly, you can sync not only the notes on the Note app but also the notes that you marked down on the split-screen views.

Imagine that you receive a file on your mobile while working from home. You can share it to your BOOX E Ink Tablet wirelessly with BOOX Assistant, saving you the time to find a cable to connect them.

✔️Note app is perfect for note-taking and sketching.

When working at home, you just need to put a BOOX on your desk to replace a bunch of notepads and papers for scheduled meetings.

Note-taking experience on BOOX is loved by its fans, as its great built-in Note app offers numerous possibilities of taking down notes and ideas. Besides storing and syncing notes, you can create your templates that comply with your workflow and share them with others in our Facebook fans group.

Photo by Kathy McCabe on Facebook

✔️A second monitor for programmers and writers

In addition to transferring files and backing up notes, BOOX E Ink Tablets can also work as second monitors when you’re working from home.

Leveraging the E Ink technology on its screen, BOOX E Ink Tablets will not emit blue light but make the words visible by refracting the light. In this way, eyestrain and blur of vision will hardly appear when you stare at BOOX E Ink Tablets even for a long time.

Also, E Ink screens are more suitable to display texts and static images. If you’re programmers who edit codes, writers accustomed to typing on computers, or teachers tend to annotate student’s homework online, you will love to make BOOX as your second monitor.

Moreover, BOOX Max Lumi is an excellent perfect alternative for laptops with its 13.3’’, large E Ink screen and supporting OTG. If you have large demands on looking at the second monitor while reading texts and typing on the computer, you can consider Max3 or other BOOX E Ink tablets.

Photo by Onyx Team

✔️Adjustable warm, cold and mix front light

E-ink screens of BOOX E Ink Tablets don’t emit light, but most of the models, such as Note Air, Note3, Nova3 and Poke3, are equipped with front lights built into the bottom of the bezel that project towards the screen.

The front light on BOOX consists of two tones, warm and cold. You can adjust the percentage of each light tone to your preference or sync them to make them even.

Photo by Onyx Team

If you’re working from home and need to use the gadget in the sun or at night, you can customize the light to feel comfortable with the screen in all circumstances.

✔️Convenient remote desktop connection

One of the most powerful functions for BOOX E Ink Tablets is that they can control your PC remotely with the help of applications. (We’ll talk about the app later.)

When remote control over the office PC is available, you can make your BOOX device access to your computer even if you’re working remotely. No cloud service or assistance from your colleague is needed anymore — You sit at your home office, pop into your office laptop with BOOX E Ink Tablet, and drag the file from the intranet to your Desktop. Just that easy.

How to make a remote desktop connection and manage the control on BOOX? Here’s the answer.

Teamviewer, An App that is Designed for Telecommuting

We’ve mentioned that several applications can help connect BOOX and your PC remotely. One of them is TeamViewer, a handy software that can make yourself concentrated as you’re in your office while working from home.

It’s much more secure and easy to manage the connection with only three steps compared to using a VPN.


You can download the software from their official websites first and install it in your PC. Then intall the mobile app from Google app store in your BOOX device. Then you can use your BOOX device to access your PC remotely and transfer files.

Working from home can be a new normal, and choose the necessary gadgets to help you do better.

In addition to BOOX E Ink Tablets, many gadgets can help boost your productivity while you work remotely, such as ergonomic chairs and Bluetooth speakers.

No matter what you use, we wish you safe at home and efficient at your work.

If you’re new to BOOX products, you’re welcome to join our Facebook fans group to learn the tips&skills of using BOOX tablets and what the veteran users love about BOOX🧡.

New BOOX products will be available at all our online shops. You can now order Max Lumi, Note3, Note Air, Nova3, Poke3 and Poke2 Color at the BOOX Shop to get a full set of free accessories.

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BOOX is an electronics brand specializing in Android E Ink tablets and e-readers. You can find BOOX featured content here, including product releases, firmware updates, tips&tricks and user stories. Follow us to keep up with every post that helps you know and use BOOX better.