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Use E-ink for Productivity: 4 Ways to Input Text on Boox eReaders

Still typing with a keyboard on your computer? Having trouble typing slowly with an onscreen keyboard? This changed after the development of technology today. A variety of gadgets could help us to type faster and easier. What useful tools can we use on Boox E-ink tablets?

(1) Bluetooth Keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard is not yet a new thing for all of us. It got popular since 2011. Thanks to wireless technology, people do not have to sit close to computers or laptops during typing like using traditional keyboards. You can even lay on the bed and type with more comfort and less strain.

In spite of the key position of onscreen keyboard same as physical one, typing on an onscreen keyboard is slower and more difficult than on the latter. In the case that you need to spend plenty of time typing every single day, you are supposed to have a Boox eReader to get rid of eyestrain, and a Bluetooth keyboard to have a snappier and more comfortable typing experience. Boox eReaders can connect to all Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth version above 4.1.

(2) Handwriting Recognition

Handwriting recognition is a new amazing feature of Boox eReaders. It is capable of converting handwritten text into standardized typed text in seconds by just one tap. Mobile phones also recognize handwriting word by word, sentence by sentence. But here, Boox eReaders convert a full page of the note to digital output. And then you can edit the note just as you do it in a word document.

This functionality is available for English words by default. Other language users can also take this function by downloading up to 59 corresponding language packages. You can manually take note quickly in a meeting or a class, then have a conversion to typed text and edit it after that. The typed text can be easily shared with friends or colleagues. The system has a fairly high accuracy for recognizing different style of handwriting even cursive writing.

(3) Speech Recognition

As a matter of fact, many people do not think handwriting is an effective way to take down everything they like to remember. Here is another choice for those users.

Boox speeh recognition is also a new impressing feature available for models with a Mic. This feature enables users to convert audio to text on Boox eReaders. Speech recognition can stream text results, returning text right after it’s recognized as the user is speaking. Frankly, it is a giant leap for Boox eReaders that could be more useful in different situations. At the time you have a meeting, you need to focus on the speech and do not have much time to take notes. That is the time to take the Boox eReader out of your bag. It rapidly identifies and transcribes what is being discussed. No more struggling to write down long texts!

(4) BT Pen Scanner

If say there is be a champion of text input for Boox eReader, the pen scanner must be that one. The fundamental of pen scanners is the technology of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to digitize printed text and transfer it to a computer or device. Users hold the scanner shaped like a pen on words, slightly move forward, then the words completely appear on screens.

When to put it together with Boox eReaders, something most coveted is going to happen. The scanner is able to capture text and digitally transmit it to Boox note app instantaneously, sort of like an advanced “cut and paste” function. After that, the content is editable on Boox eReaders. Thus, users do not have to do file transfer or copy manually when they find a piece of great news on newspaper or an artistic poem on a book. Swing the pen scanner, collect them all. That’s it.

In addition, there are considerable pen scanners on the market. Some great scanners can scan not only printed stuff but also text on digital screens. A high-quality pen scanner helps to improve the efficiency of scanning. Even so, users’ scanning technique is also one of the factors, including angle, speed, and pressure, improved with time and practice. Font size, color, and line spacing also affect the accuracy of scans.

With the rapid development of technology in E-ink industry, more exclusive tools are changing the way of note-taking. It is highly possible to see more upcoming tools beyond imagination, especially in such a situation where people around the world have developed a great interest in the 5G network, artificial intelligence, big data, and many other advanced technologies.

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